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  • Biography of entertainer Anita Best
  • At the age of 15, Arthur Scammell (1913-1995) wrote one of Newfoundland's most famous and enduring folk songs.
  • Biography of entertainer Byron Chaulk
  • Dick Nolan--Performing Arts--Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Page
  • Biography of the entertainer Eddie Rowsell, better known as Eddie Eastman
  • An account of the life of Georgina Ann Stirling (1866-1935), Newfoundland's first professional opera singer.
  • Biogrpahy of entertainer Harry Hibbs
  • Biography of entertainer Harry Martin
  • Biography for entertainer Jim Fidler
  • Biography for singer and songwriter Jimmy Linegar
  • Biography of entertainer Johnny Burke
  • As with many Newfoundland stories, the history of Newfoundland music of European origin begins with codfish.
  • Traditional Newfoundland and Labrador music activities, media, and exposure.
  • Pamela Morgan and Noel Dinn were founding members of the seminal Newfoundland band Figgy Duff.
  • For most, the phrase Newfoundland music suggests a spirited sound descended from the ancient folk traditions of England and Ireland.
  • Ron Hynes is the composer behind what is perhaps the most widely known Newfoundland song, Sonny's Dream.
  • Newfoundlanders have always been topical in their songwriting, fashioning lyrics to reflect their lives and their communities...
  • Tracks from Tickle Harbour's <em>Battery Included</em> and album credits.
  • Traditional tracks from Tickle's Harbour's <em>The Brule Boys in Paris</em> and album credits.
  • Overview of the music of the band Tickle Harbour.

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