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  • Anita Best is one of Newfoundland's most talented traditional singers.
    Biography of entertainer Anita Best
  • Scammell wrote Squid Jiggin' Ground when he was 15.
    At the age of 15, Arthur Scammell (1913-1995) wrote one of Newfoundland's most famous and enduring folk songs.
  • Byron "Fiddler" Chaulk, neither a musician nor a singer, claimed to have only "a knack for putting words together."
    Biography of entertainer Byron Chaulk
  • Newfoundland Good Times latest album.
    Dick Nolan--Performing Arts--Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Page
  • Eastman's popularity was greatest during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
    Biography of the entertainer Eddie Rowsell, better known as Eddie Eastman
  • An account of the life of Georgina Ann Stirling (1866-1935), Newfoundland's first professional opera singer.
  • A corrected detail from the cover of the album The All New Harry Hibbs with Shrimp Cocktail.
    Biogrpahy of entertainer Harry Hibbs
  • Broken Wings, Harry Martin's second album, was released in 2000.
    Biography of entertainer Harry Martin
  • Fidler at the launch of his second release, Friendly Fire at O'Reilly's Pub, St. John's.
    Biography for entertainer Jim Fidler
  • In the 1950s, Jimmy Linegar, or the "Kid Ranger", had his own show on CJON radio station.
    Biography for singer and songwriter Jimmy Linegar
  • Burke was known as "The Bard of Prescott Street".
    Biography of entertainer Johnny Burke
  • Operettas such as this one were entertaining audiences in Newfoundland communities by the end of the 19th century. The orchestra of this show was directed by Gus Stafford.
    As with many Newfoundland stories, the history of Newfoundland music of European origin begins with codfish.
  • The kitchen party has been enshrined as an iconic image of the Newfoundland lifestyle. Pictured here are Stan Fitzgerald, Jerome Flynn, Gerard and Alice Simmons, and Kathleen Flynn.
    Traditional Newfoundland and Labrador music activities, media, and exposure.
  • Morgan and Dinn were the founding members of the band Figgy Duff.
    Pamela Morgan and Noel Dinn were founding members of the seminal Newfoundland band Figgy Duff.
  • Charles Hutton was a prominent musical personality in Newfoundland.
    For most, the phrase Newfoundland music suggests a spirited sound descended from the ancient folk traditions of England and Ireland.
  • Ron Hynes is the composer behind what is perhaps the most widely known Newfoundland song, Sonny's Dream.
  • Newfoundland musicians performing at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, Bannerman Park, St. John's, 1979.
    Newfoundlanders have always been topical in their songwriting, fashioning lyrics to reflect their lives and their communities...
  • Battery Included was released in 1998.
All tracks are presented here with the permission of Tickle Harbour.
Music and liner notes © 1998, Tickle Harbour, all rights reserved,
unauthorized duplication prohibited.Vonnie Barron - VocalsPatrick Moran - FiddleFergus O'Byrne - Vocals, Bodhran, ConcertinaGerry Strong - Tin Whistle, FluteFrancesca Swann - Cello, backing vocalsDon Walsh - Guitar, Bouzouki
Additional Musicians:Patrick Boyle - Trumpet (tracks 4,10)Seamus Creagh - Fiddle (tracks 6)Jim Fidler - Percussion (track 10)Rick Hollett - Saxophone (track 4,10)Paddy Keenan - Uilleann pipes (track 12)Frank Maher - Accordion (track 1)
    Tracks from Tickle Harbour's <em>Battery Included</em> and album credits.
  • The Brule Boys in Paris was released in 1991. The traditional tracks are presented here with the permission of Tickle Harbour.Seamus Creagh - FiddlePaddy Mackey - BodhranRob Murphy - FluteBob O'Donovan - FiddleScott Schillereff - Hammer DulcimerGerry Strong - Tin WhistleDon Walsh - Guitar, Bouzouki
All tracks traditional except:
Flatbush Waltz by Andy Statman, published by Oceana Music Publishing ASCAP; The Brule Boys in Paris, St. John's Mazurka and Kitty Yates Turn by Bob Donovan, published by Piper Stock Music; Rawlins Cross Reel by Seamus Creagh; and Memory Waltz by Dave Panting
    Traditional tracks from Tickle's Harbour's <em>The Brule Boys in Paris</em> and album credits.
  • See the liner notes and music for the album in the Tickle Harbour: The Brule Boys in Paris article.
    Overview of the music of the band Tickle Harbour.

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