Arts Videos

A selection of short films and excerpts from longer films by and about Newfoundland and Labrador filmmakers. To learn more about the local film industry read our article Film and Video.

Untold Story

Untold Story is a film that combines dramatic and documentary techniques to recreate the Newfoundland women's suffrage movement. Reproduced by permission of Marian White.

Hanlon House

Hanlon House was a television film made in St. John's for the CBC. Reproduced by permission of Red Ochre Films. Directed by Derek Norman and written by Greg Thomey and Brian Hennessey.

Misery Harbour

Misery Harbour, though not exclusively local, tells a Newfoundland story and makes extensive use of the province's talent and expertise. Reproduced by permission of Ken Pittman, Red Ochre Productions.

No Apologies

A scene from the making of "No Apologies", a story of long-simmering conflicts that emerge as a Newfoundland family gathers for a funeral. Reproduced by permission of Ken Pittman, Red Ochre Productions.

Finding Mary March

"Finding Mary March" tells the story of a photographer's search for Beothuk burial sites.. Reproduced by permission of Ken Pittman, Red Ochre Productions.

Filming Strength

"My Left Breast: is the true story of Gerry Rogers, who loses her breast to cancer. Reproduced by permission of Gerry Rogers.

Barbara Doran

Film-maker Barbara Doran discusses the making of her documentary "When Women Kill". From "The Nickel", produced by Derek Norman and Michael P. Walsh for the Producer's Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and Cable 9.

Extraordinary Visitor

Extraordinary Visitor is the story of St. John the Baptist's visit to St. John's (his namesake) to give humans a chance to save themselves from the end of the world. Reproduced by permission of Film East Inc. Written and directed by John Doyle.

Rosemary House

Rosemary House and Mary Sexton discuss how filmmakers negotiate with financiers and television networks.

Wrigglin' Fences

A short film directed by Don Wright, that follows the Paddy Brothers of Pork Kirwan as they build a traditional wrigglin' fence. Taken from the Digital Archives Initiative at Memorial University.

Rufus Guinchard

The life and music of Newfoundland's late legendary fiddle player. Courtesy of Distance Education and Learning Technologies, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1990.


A 1995 David Quinton film exploring the British origins of Newfoundland outport furniture design. Courtesy of the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL), Memorial University.