Goose River West

This ecoregion covers an area west of Lake Melville in southern Labrador. The climate is not affected by maritime influences and, thus, can be classified as continental. The mean annual temperature is about -3.5°C, with a mean summer temperature of 9.5°C and a mean winter temperature of -16.5°C. The mean annual precipitation ranges from 750 mm and 1000 mm.

Forests and Vegetation

Low, open areas with occasional patches of black spruce with an understory of dwarf birch, Labrador tea, lichens, and moss dominate. Balsam fir is restricted to moist slopes. Black spruce is the climax species. Fires produce extensive scrubland, dominated by dwarf birch, lichens, and ericaceous shrubs. Lichen covers exposed bedrock outcrops.


The topography is undulating to dissected plain, with broad river valleys and rolling hills that range in elevation from 365 m to 600 m asl. Peatlands are extensive in poorly drained areas and conceal numerous permafrost sites.

Wildlife and Human Activity

Some common animals include black bear, red fox, caribou, moose, and lynx. Hunting, trapping, and outdoor recreation are common human activities.

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