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  • On 18 January 1972, Joseph Smallwood resigned as premier and was replaced by Frank Moores, leader of the Progressive Conservative party.
  • The Grimes government was a difficult period for the provincial Liberals, marked by internal strife, declining popularity, and strong PC opposition.
  • The election of a Progressive Conservative government led by Frank Moores in 1972 marked a turning point in Newfoundland and Labrador politics.
  • The pursuit of resource management dominated Peckford's time in office. Offshore oil, the fisheries, and hydroelectric developments topped the agenda.
  • This article is about the Provincial government during the period of 1972-2001 and the change of leadership it underwent during that time.
  • Brian Tobin replaced Clyde Wells as premier and leader of the Newfoundland Liberals on 26 January, 1996.
  • The Meech Lake Accord was a set of constitutional amendments agreed upon by the federal and provincial governments on 30 April 1987.
  • About the government of Clyde Wells, which led under the Liberal administration from 1989-1996.
  • A timeline of Newfoundland and Labrador government from 2003-2007 with premier Danny Williams
  • A timeline of Newfoundland and Labrador government from 2007-2010 with premier Danny Williams.

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