Paradise River

This ecoregion is located in the southeastern section of Labrador. Its climate is greatly affected by maritime influences, except inland, where it is minimal. The mean annual temperature is about 0°C, with a mean summer temperature of 8.5°C and a mean winter temperature of -8.5°C. The mean annual precipitation varies from 900 mm in the northeast to 1100 mm in the southwest.


Balsam fir and black spruce with an understory of feathermoss are dominant and found on moist upland slopes. Black spruce, kalmia heath, and lichens grow on dry sites. Black spruce, paper birch and aspen are found on disturbed sites.


Granite rocks are the dominant rock type in this ecoregion. The elevation reaches more than 350 meters above sea level. Eskers and river terraces are common types of fluvioglacial landforms in the region Permafrost patches can be found mainly in wetlands.

Wildlife and Human Activity

Black bear, lynx, red fox, moose, caribou, waterfowl, and other birds are found in this ecoregion. The main community is Cartwright.

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