Long Range Mountains

This ecoregion is divided into three separate upland areas, extending from the southwestern coast to the Northern Peninsula. It is characterized by cool summers and cold winters with a great deal of snow. The mean annual temperature is approximately 4°C, with a mean summer temperature around 12°C and a mean winter temperature around -4°C. The mean annual precipitation ranges from 1000 mm to 1400 mm. This ecoregion is covered by sparsely forested heath and moss barrens. Dwarf patches of black spruce and balsam fir occur, as well as dwarf kalmia and mosses. Exposed sites support mixed evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Elevations range from sea level to approximately 815 m above sea level. The ecoregion provides suitable winter habitats for caribou, and supports moose, small mammals, and birds. Hunting, outdoor recreation, and tourism are important activities. The main community is Buchans.

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