Ecoregions of Newfoundland

Ecoregions of Newfoundland

The Ecoregions of Newfoundland
Map by Tina Riche. ©2002, Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Site Project

The island of Newfoundland can be broken up into three zones based on geography: Southern Boreal, Middle Boreal and Northern Boreal.

-The Southern Boreal zone includes the following ecoregions: Avalon Forest, Southwestern Newfoundland, Maritime Barrens, and South Avalon-Burin Oceanic Barrens.

-The Middle Boreal zone includes the following ecoregions: Central Newfoundland, Northeastern Newfoundland and the forested parts of the coastal lowlands of the Northern Peninsula.

-The Long Range Mountains and Strait of Belle Isle ecoregions are in the Northern Boreal zone.

Black spruce forests are found throughout Newfoundland, with most widespread distributions in the central part of the island. Balsam fir forests are dominant in western, northern and eastern Newfoundland.

The different ecoregions of Newfoundland are outlined on the map above. Click on an ecoregion name to be taken to the article for that region.

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Strait of Belle Isle Northern Peninsula Southwestern Newfoundland Northeastern Newfoundland Central Newfoundland Long Range Mountains Maritime Barrens Avalon Forest South Avalon Burin Oceanic Barrens