Dictionary of Newfoundland English

Bibliography (supplement)


The following is a list in coded form of the collections quoted in the Dictionary and discussed above in the Introduction, sources for the dictionary. The collections beginning with the letters d, m, q and t are part of the Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive and refer respectively to the Card Collection, Manuscript Collection, Questionnaire Responses, and Tape Collection. The numerals following the letters c, m, and q indicate the year of collection or accessioning, and the final numeral is that assigned to the collector; t is followed by the Archive's code for the speaker, and the final numerals indicate the date of the collecting or accessioning. p = field records, and the numeral which follows in this list is that assigned to the collector, whose name and, in most cases, locality are also given; in the Dictionary itself, the citation form ends with numerals indicating the year of the field recording.

C 63--16 H. Coates; Bay Roberts
C 66--4 D. Curran; Gambo
C 67--13 B. MacDonald; Scarborough
C 67--4 M. Fagan; St Mary's
C 69--19 T. McCarthy; Bar Haven
C 70--15 M. Hopkins; Heart's Content
C 71--18 C. Hewitt; Corner Brook
C 71--93 J. Dobbin; St Joseph's
C 71--95 G. Dwyer; Marystown
C 71--100 E. Hiscock; Flat Island
C 71--110 W. Lodge; Deer Lake
C 71--122 E. Smith; Port-aux-Basques
M 64--3 C. Williams; USA/Long Pond
M 68--3 J. Dollimount; François
M 68--11 Z. Johnson; Renews
M 68--13 O. Langdon; Seal Cove, F.B.
M 68--16 A.F. O'Brien; Cape Broyle
M 68--17 R. Park: Gillams
M 68--23 H. Stroud; Glovertown
M 69--5 W. Canning; Williamsport
M 69--6 E. Cokes; Head Bay d'Espoir
M 70--9 L. Badcock; Shearstown
M 70--27 K. Sullivan; Calvert
M 78--54 J. James; Trepassey
P 1 F.A. Aldrich; New Jersey/St John's
P 10 R. Barrett; Old Perlican
P 13 D. Bartlett; Rattling Brook
P 14 H. Beck; Carbonear
P 30 H. Carew; St John's
P 51 J. Courage; Fortune Bay
P 54 N.C. Crewe; Elliston
P 65 C. Decker; Roddickton
P 68 V. Dillon; Mobile
P 76 J.D. Eaton; St John's
P 106 B. Haines; Kelligrews
P 108 J. Halley; St John's
P 113 L. Harris; St. Joseph's, P.B.
P 124 E. Hiscock; Flat Island
P 127 R. Hollett; Spencer's Cove
P 131 J. Hutchings; Cow Head
P 133 G. Jeffers; Freshwater, C.B.
P 148 W.J. Kirwin; Newport, R.I./ St John's
P 161 B. Mactavish: St John's
P 191 A. O'Brien; St John's
P 197 P. O'Flaherty; Long Beach, C.B.
P 222 R. Rideout; Buchans
P 231 S. Ryan; Riverhead, Harbour Grace
P 237 L. Small; Moreton's Harbour
P 245 G.M. Story; St John's
P 266 J.D.A. Widdowson; Sheffield, U.K./ St John's
P 277 J. Acreman; St Anthony
P 278 C. Benoit; Stephenville Crossing
P 279 A. Best; Merasheen Island
P 280 Shirley Burt; Bay Roberts
P 281 Stella Burt; Bay de Verde
P 282 D. Butler; Kelligrews
P 283 P. Byrne; Great Paradise
P 284 R. Carpenter; Port Union
P 285 L. Cassell; St John's
P 286 G. Chaulk; Elliston
P 287 A. Cooper; Grate's Cove
P 288 E. Cunningham; Freshwater, P.B.
P 289 T. Dawe; Long Pond, Manuels
P 290 S. Farrell; Little Bay, Marystown
P 291 R. Ford; Happy Valley, Labrador
P 292 N. Fosnaes; Badger
P 293 M. Furey; St Joseph's
P 294 K. Goldstein; Philadelphia
P 295 C. Griffin; Corner Brook
P 296 G. Handcock; Trinity
P 297 E. Hearn; Petty Harbour
P 298 E. Hewitt; Corner Brook
P 299 E. Hicks; Central Nfld
P 300 E. Hollett; Spencer's Cove
P 301 D. Howse; Hare Bay
P 302 G. Kinden; Lewisporte
P 303 A. King; Hickman's Harbour
P 304 M. Lovelace; Dorset/St John's
P 305 R. McCormack; St John's
P 306 M. Macdonald; Woody Point
P 307 A. Macpherson; Scotland/St John's
P 308 R. Manuel; Campbellton
P 309 S. Manuel; Lewisporte
P 310 A. Martin; New Perlican
P 311 S. Morgan; Kelligrews
P 312 B. O'Dwyer; St John's
P 313 D. Oldford; Trinity Bay
P 314 M. Oldford; Elliston
P 315 G. Penney; Keels
P 316 L. Piercey; Winterton
P 317 H. Ralph; Flat Island
P 318 M. Russell; Coley's Point
P 319 M. Scammell; Change Islands
P 320 M. Seward; New Perlican
P 321 S. Sexton; St Mary's
P 322 P. Smith; Fortune
P 323 M. Snook; Grand Bank
P 324 A. Snow; North River
P 325 G. Snow; Carmanville
P 326 L. Stuckless; Little Pumbly Cove
P 327 J. Whalen; Jerseyside, Placentia
P 328 D. Whitten; St John's
P 329 M. Wilkshire: St John's
P 330 J. Winsor; St John's
P 331 K. Yetman; St Mary's
Q 67--110 V. Palmer; Bay Roberts
Q 68--38 G. Rogers; Trinity,
Q 73--1 C. Barnes; St John's
T 1--63 J. Wells; Bishop's Falls
T 11--63 C. Kelly; Bishop's Falls
T 38--64 J. Harris; St Joseph's, P.B.
T 47--64 P. Saunders; Botwood
T 48--64 P. Saunders; Botwood
T 58--64 R. Murray; Fortune Harbour
T 70--64 T. Byrne; Fortune Harbour
T 75--64 J. Kinsella; Tilting
T 133--64 A. McLean; Paynes Cove
T 141--65 F. Hynes; Change Islands
T 147--65 W. Stewart; Harbour Breton
T 149--65 A. Keeping; Grand Bank
T 166--65 F. Hynes; Change Islands
T 171--65 W. Earle; Change Islands
T 195--65 A. Greenham; Twillingate
T 203--65 S. Oxford; Brown's Cove
T 437--65 S. Snook; Sagona Island
T 438--65 S. Snook; Sagona Island
T 236--66 M. Molloy; Portugal Cove South
T 245--66 E. Bennett; St. Paul's
T 246--66 E. Bennett; St Paul's
T 246--66 M. Hutchings; Cow Head
T 247--66 C. Hutchings; Cow Head
T 251--66 E. Bennett; St Paul's
T 251--66 J. Bennett; St Paul's
T 258--66 J. Roberts; Sally's Cove
T 266--66 A. Payne; Cow Head
T 269--66 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 282--66 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 283--66 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 284--66 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 309--66 A. Oake; Beaumont
T 395--67 R. Morey; La Scie
T 409--67 O. Starkes; Nipper's Harbour
T 449--67 E. Warren; Grey River
T 526--68 F. Knox; St Mary's Bay
T 541--67 J. Coley; Fox Island
T 498--68 M. Kent; Cape Broyle
T 543--68 A. Reardon; Croque
T 547--68 A. Reardon; Croque
T 735--70 L. Lockyer; Arnold's Cove
T 751--70 R. Childs; Ramea
T 965--71 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 966--71 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 969--71 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 978--71 C. Bennett; St Paul's
T 1052--72 J. Roberts; Sally's Cove
T 1062--72 D. Payne; Cow Head
T 1063--72 F. Bennett; St. Paul's
T 1064--72 F. Bennett; St Paul's
T 1175--72 D. McCarthy; Bellevue
T 1827--75 A. Oake; Beaumont
T 2414--74 F. Woods; La Grand' Terre