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  • About the origins of the town of Stephenville and it's surrounding area, once known as the Acadian Village.
  • About the Earnest Harmon Air Force base located in Stephenville.
  • The construction of the US Army Air Force Base was started in 1941 when the US came to Stephenville Newfoundland.
  • Stephenville Manor and behind The College of the North Atlantic Headquarters.
    This article is about the buildings that were created during World War II because of the Stephenville air force base.
  • This article is about the social influence WWII had on Stephenville, specifically American-Newfoundland marriages.
  • When the Air Force withdrew from Stephenville, the Atlantic Brewery was the first major industry to become established in the town.
  • In 1970, Atlantic Design Homes Ltd. reopened after closing down the previous year to reduce its inventory.
  • Vitims of the Stephenville Crash Hill Air Disaster: October 3, 1946
  • Crash Hill graveyard, on the side of Crash Hill, 7.5 k northeast from the end of Harmon Field.
    In 1946 a plane, after taking off at the Harmon Field Base, crashed into a fog-hidden Newfoundland mountainside and exploded into flames.
  • Water seeping out of the hillside, downslope from the former Pinetree radar base.
    As a direct result of the Earnest Harmon Air Force Base, there are environmental concerns associated with Stephenville and surrounding areas.
  • The corporation opened up in the building on Oregon Drive that was the main base of operation for the Americans
    The Harmon Corporation was opened after the Americans left the Harmon Airfield Base in Stephenville, Newfoundland, in 1966.
  • Stephenville hosts Harmon Field Day every two years. During this event aircraft from all over the world visit the town.
  • The importance of Harmon Field Day, along with the origins and activities of the event that takes place in the town of Stephenville, Newfoundland.
  • In 1941, the United States obtained rights to construct an air base in the St. Georges Bay area of Newfoundland.
  • In 1973, the Labrador Liner Limited opened and started production of a linerboard mill in Stephenville.
  • People were first drawn to Stephenville because of the excellent fishing grounds and fertile soils.
  • The 1941 lend-lease agreement began when public opinion in the United States wanted to increase rearmament to help the Allies.
  • Military base passes were required to gain access to the Stephenville base.
    The cultural and social impact of the American air force base on the people of Stephenville, Newfoundland.
  • Foundation of original radar, with present installation in background
    Pine Tree Radar Site is one of three warning systems selected when NORAD decided to build a number of Aircraft Control and Warning Stations.
  • This article is about the role religion played in the development of Stephenville (then called Acadian Village).

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