Atlantic Design Homes

This page is from a heritage partnered project. It was written in 1998 by students from Stephenville Integrated High School and edited by their teachers. It has not been vetted by the heritage website's academic editor.

In 1970, Atlantic Design Homes Ltd. reopened after closing down the previous year to reduce its inventory. Derek Hammond was the manager and the company employed 90 other people. Furthermore they still had to hire an extra 20 to 25 people for their commercial production. People needed homes built in Stephenville and the surrounding areas, so this was basically the reason the Atlantic Design Co. was reopened.

In July of 1970, work started on the production of twenty homes, most of which were already sold. When these homes were built there was still a need for more, so production continued. This company helped in the rebuilding of the economy by employing people from the area and by building homes for its residents.

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