Stephenville Student Contributors

This project was researched and written by:


1941 Lend Lease Agreement - Justin Rosselet
Acadian Village - Misty MacDonald & Heather Thistle
Air Force Base Buildings - Jennifer Anthony
Construction of the Base - Corey Etheridge
Crash Hill Tragedy - Trista Cassell
Cultural Influence - Crystal Martin
Environment - Heather Gallant
Environmental Concerns - Denise Parsons
Harmon Corporation - Adam Howse
Harmon Field Base - Rob Ash
Harmon Field Day - Ruthann Mills
Harmon Field Day Aircrafts - Chris Day
Land and Sea - Misty MacDonald & Heather Thistle
People of Stephenville - Jennifer Payne
Pinetree Radar Site - Leah Keats
Purpose of the Base- Chris Anstey
Religion - Misty MacDonald & Heather Thistle
Social Life - Stephen Humphries
Stephenville Theatre Festival - Cindy Squires

Others who have contributed to this site:

Paul Pinsent, (teacher), content editor.
Clarence Pelley, (teacher), html editing, image editing, photography, site design and construction.
Tina Martin, (teacher), research assistant.
Jesse Fudge, (retired teacher, friend of the school), research assistant.