No More Help From Britain

Nfld. Must Stand On Own Feet

We cannot look for any more help if we need it from England. That is certain. England is not able to help us even if she wanted to.

But you can't look to Canada for help because under Confederation every province is responsible for its own able-bodied relief. The best it can expect is a federal loan which has to be repaid.

If you can't get help from England or Canada, surely the sensible thing-to do is to have your own government.

One thing you can do under Responsible Government that will help everybody in Newfoundland is to make a good trade deal with America.

You can't make that deal under Commission Government.

You can't make that deal under Confederation.

You can come to an arrangement with America [if] you get back responsible government.

Don't forget also that if you get responsible government. You can change it at will for any other form you prefer, even confederation.

If you choose confederation, you can never change your minds again. You will be in and you won't be able to get it. You may not like Canadian taxes but you will have to pay them whether you like it or not all the rest of your days.

From "No More Help From Britain," The Independent, 29 March 1948, p. 1.

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