Wants Appeal Made

Editor Daily News,

Dear Sir - Any act on the part of the Commission of Government, short of restoring to Newfoundland its legislative and parliament to take suitable action following the Referendum, should be resisted by citizens in suit through the Supreme Court for orders of restraint on the grounds of its unconstitutionality. In case of failure to get favourable action it should be appealed to the Privy Council and the world's best legal talent employed.

Newfoundland cannot be railroaded into such a vital constitutional change on a bare majority. Proper constitutional resistance must be forthwith in the public interest.

An irreparable crime will be committed against the public conscience if suitable and proper outlet for this intense pent up feeling and righteous indignation is not provided. A seething festered condition cannot be allowed to grow and gather volcanic force by any attempt to override by the force of the machine.

Human life is of far greater importance than hasty laws of suppression. The God within will burst all fetters, so let us beware of attempting acts of violence against the public conscience.

Union with Canada under present conditions is not in the public interest, it is not workable and therefore of no benefit to us or to Canada.

If Canada is foolish enough to bring upon herself this act of violence surely we in Newfoundland who are of more pure Anglo-Saxon blood should see and resist such a crime. Newfoundland really wants happiness in spite of the fact that so many Newfoundlanders are seeking only security which in itself is a violence.

In the interest of the public good and of real and lasting happiness, Newfoundland citizens must press their case to the court of world opinion. Rowdyism and such vulgar violence is not constructive and must be abstained from under all circumstances but proper action must be taken by those citizens who are qualified to do so. It is a public duty of good citizens to provide proper measures to secure to the country peace and happiness.

Yours truly,

Harbour Grace,
July 23, 1948.

Reproduced by permission of Charles F. Archibald. From H. Herman Archibald, "Wants Appeal Made," The Daily News, 27 July 1948, p. 6.