Honest Beliefs

Editor Evening Telegram,

Dear Sir. - What feelings of shame and indignation were aroused in the breast of every decent fair-minded citizen by the disgraceful attack made on Mr. J.R. Smallwood recently.

What right has the Responsible crowd to try to force its political beliefs down our throats? You won't hear of Confederates trying to break up meetings - why should we? Every man has a right to his own beliefs.

I have been asked why I am a Confederate? Is it because of the baby bonus so called?

No, that is not the reason, although I think the family allowance plan is a marvellous one... I am a Confederate because I honestly believe that Confederation with Canada is the best solution to our problems. I believe in the fair distribution of taxes, with the wealthy bearing the heavier burden. Also, our cost of living will come down, and our standard of living will rise, meaning a healthier population, less TB, a lower infant mortality: better care for our aged and blind, and our war vets, too, would get a better deal. Why should I refuse to vote for that? Also, I have a good memory. I do not want to return to conditions as they were in 1933; no I do not want to go back, I want this island of ours to forge ahead.

I am a Newfoundlander, I love my country, I love and respect our traditions, I would not sell or give my allegiance to any foreign power; but I believe in union with Canada, a powerful and progressive unit in our British Commonwealth of Nations. We have stood too long alone, we will be better off in every way if we Confederate with Canada.

These are my honest beliefs, therefore I am a Confederate.

Thanking you for space in the People's Paper, Mr. Editor.


St. John's, July 14, 1948.

Reproduced by permission of The Evening Telegram. From "Honest Beliefs," The Evening Telegram, 20 July 1948, p. 6.