La Palme

Governor of Plaisance, 1667-1670

In 1667, King Louis XIV tried once more to institute a governor to rule over the port and selected La Palme who arrived at Placentia aboard the Saint Sébastien later in the year. His instructions were to help new families to settle, encourage the development of agriculture and offer protection to the fishermen. He was equipped with considerable reinforcements: 150 soldiers, arms and other materials were shipped to Plaisance (Placentia) on two war vessels. Fear of the English forced La Palme and his subjects to build up the fortifications, which had until then been neglected.

Little is known about the La Palme administration except that he too abused his power, demanding one-third of the fishermen's catch in exchange for supplies. Like his predecessors, La Palme received no salary. His poor administration forced the king to relieve him of his duties in 1670.

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