Bellot dit Lafontaine

Governor of Plaisance, 1664-1667

After du Perron's failure to establish a permanent colony at Placentia, Bellot was appointed temporary governor in 1664; however, he was still there in 1666, possibly because of the death of Nicolas Gargot in December 1664. Under Bellot's leadership, vessel owners were subsidized for each man and woman they brought to the colony, and an attempt was made to attract English colonists by offering them French protection.

The growth of the colony was stunted, however, by Bellot's negligence and abuse of power. Misappropriating the colony's funds, he created discord between himself and the fishermen. As a result, fishermen resorted to privateering or pirating. One official document stated that Bellot had "discharged his duty badly". Louis XIV, dissatisfied with his governor, recalled him in 1667.

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