Edward Burd [Supercargo of the CHRISTIAN of Leith, Scotland, 1726-1727]; 11 August, 1726 to 16 September, 1726

Extract from "Journal of a Voyage from Leith to Newfoundland, Barcelona, etc."

Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh, RM9/14/102, Olaf Janzen, microfilm. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Thursday 11th August, 1726

We went to sea this morning about 3 of the clock and got to Ferryland about 10 in the forenoon. I went to Captain Thomas Holdsworth, to whom I was recommended as one of the best men in the place. He told me that bank fish had been bought there at 28 reals [per quintal] but that now they would not sell their bank fish under 29 per [reals per quintal] shore [inshore fish] at 30 reals. I could come to no agreement with him this night.

Friday 12th August 1726

Meet with Captain Holdsworth this morning and after a good deal of difficulty contracted with him for} Bank 300 quintals
Captain Richard PassmerBank 300 quintals
Captain Thomas LowBank 200 quintals
Captain Thomas HoldsworthShore 350 quintals
Captain Thomas SmithShore 200 quintals
John SpinsterShore 100 quintals
John KeatsShore 50 quintals

1500 quintals

at 14s 6d per quintal per contract of this date

Saturday 13th August, 1726

After we had finished our bargain, which was about 1 of the clock afternoon, we immediately went away for St. John's where we expected to be that night, but unfortunately mistaking our way, we were tossed up and down the whole night and with great difficulty got into St. John's this morning about 6 of the clock.

I sold Captain Holdsworth 6000 [lbs] of our biscuit at 14s per [100 lbs]. This was the best bargain I could make considering that we had the hopes of very good dispatch. We certainly had sailed in the month of August, if the weather had been but tolerable.

Sunday 14th August, 1726

Spent this day at church.

Monday 15th August, 1726

We made everything ready for going out of the harbour tomorrow morning. The inhabitants of the place now finding that we were going away, came and bought several of our small things, which at first they said they did not want, but now were content to pay as more for them than we at first asked for them, which sufficiently allows the temper of the people.

Tuesday 16th August, 1726

This morning being very stormy, we delayed going out till the afternoon, then went out about 6 of the clock.

Wednesday 17th August, 1726

We were out at sea all this day, it happening to prove calm.

Thursday 18th August, 1726

We got into Ferryland this morning about 8 of the clock, and came to our anchor as near to Captain Holdsworth's stage as possible, put out the bread, and delivered Captain Holdsworth his quantity.

Friday 19th August, 1726

We cleared part of our hold this day in order to take in fish, but the bad weather would not allow it.

Saturday 20th August, 1726

The weather was no better this day than yesterday. I went to Mr Martin and showed him his receipt in behalf of Captain Lambert for goods to the value of £ 29 [£ 79?] sterling, debitor. He said that these goods were sold by him for account of Captain Lambert to very good advantage, but that he was pretty confident that Captain Lambert did satisfy Captain Blait for the net proceeds in London in the year 1720, when they were there both together.

Sunday 21st August, 1726

We were at church this day (which is here held in The Doctors, a public house) where we heard sermon from Mr Nelms, chaplain to the ARGYLE, man of war, who came here to advance the interests of the gospel and at the same time to add a little to his own, for he made about 40 guineas [£ 42] by staying here 4 or 5 weeks.

Saturday 27th August, 1726

The weather proved very bad ever since Sunday last. We that day began to take in fish and took from Captain Passmore 203« quintals of bank fish.

Tuesday 30th August, 1726

We took in this day from Captain Holdsworth 134 quintals of bank fish, the weather yesterday being very bad.

Thursday first September, 1726

Received from Thomas Cole for account of Captain Smith,
     58 quintals of shore fish.
from John Robins for account of Captain Holdsworth
     64 quintals of bank fish
from Captain Passmore 105« quintals of bank fish
     in all 227 quintals
Note: 9 quintal of Passmore are for the account of
     Captain Holdsworth

Friday second September, 1726

Received from Robin Bowells for account of Captain Holdsworth
     70 quintals of shore fish
from Nicholas Cumming, for account of ditto,
     61 quintals of ditto
from Thomas Low, 132 quintals of bank fish
from Captain Holdsworth 80 ditto of ditto
     in all 343 quintals

Saturday third September, 1726

Received from John Spinister 98 quintals of shore fish
from Captain Holdsworth 33 ditto of ditto
from ditto............ 70 ditto of ditto
from William Bowels for account of ditto, 60 ditto of ditto
     in all 261 quintals

Monday September 5th, 1726

We had very blowing weather this day. A boat came here this day from a ship of 300 tons that lay at Bay of Bulls, and offered 32 reals per quintal but could not have her cargo.

Wednesday 6th September, 1726

Received from Thomas Low 68 quintals of bank fish
from John Spinster 2 quintals of shore fish
from John Keats 50 ditto of ditto,
     put to Holdsworth's account
from Robin Bowells, for account of Captain Holdsworth
     62 ditto of ditto
from Captain Smith, 92 quintals of ditto
     in all 274 quintals

Thursday 8th September, 1726

Received from Henry Rix, for account of Captain Smith,
     47 quintals of shore fish.

Sunday 11th September, 1726

I went this day in the evening to Brickhouse [Brigus South], where I sold what remained of the biscuit at 12s per 100 [lbs]. I expected always that the price of bread would have risen, but such great numbers of ships coming and all of them bringing some, still kept the price low.

Friday the 16 September, 1726

Returned this day to the ship, having been detained by bad weather. I brought with me some fish for Mr. Hutton's account and increase. We had one eclipse of the sun upon the 14th, the plainest that ever I saw. There was with quintals of the fish I brought with me for account of the freighters, which completes the 1500 quintals.