Grade 8 Social Studies: Unit Five

How History Shapes our Present

"Unit 5 examines the way in which historical events influence a society's development and how historical events impact current issues and events. This unit is essentially a major research project for the student and should not be done separately towards the end of the course. The project should be carried out over the last half of the school year, beginning in early February. The outcomes for this unit are intended to build on the historian's method introduced in unit 1 and developed throughout the course."

SCO 5.1: The student will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the role of history in shaping our current circumstances

SCO 5.1.1 Evaluate the ways in which history affects the development of various aspects of society

SCO 5.1.2 Evaluate the possible significance of history on current issues and events

SCO 5.1.3 Determine the historical roots of current events, issues, and problems

Appendix 4: Studying Local History

Appendix 5: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom

Appendix 6: Examining Issues in History

Appendix 12: Writing an Historical Essay

Appendix 13: Primary Documents in Newfoundland and Labrador History

Appendix 14: Newfoundland and Labrador in the 19th and 20th Centuries: a Brief Narrative by James K. Hiller

Appendix 14: Chronology