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  • Making a movie can be expensive, labour intensive, technically complex and artistically daunting.
  • Canada is internationally recognized for its excellence in documentary film, and several of Canada's finest documentary makers have come from this province.
  • Early Newfoundland film and film makers. Including documentaries, hollywood film, NIFCO, and Provincial Government films
  • The film industry, and feature films made in Newfoundland including Finding Mary March and The Adventures of Faustus Bidgood
  • The Newfoundland film industry was born during the cultural revival that swept the province in the 1970s.
  • I woke up one morning wondering where I could get a six-foot suitcase, says Anita McGee, referring to the prop that dominates her 1994 short film
  • Newfoundland television stations have produced and presented thousands of hours of local music, comedy, drama and documentary.

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