St. Peter's Anglican Church

St. Peter's Anglican church in Twillingate is the second Anglican church to serve the community. The first was consecrated in 1831 but lasted a mere 11 years. Poor construction and a growing congregation necessitated the building of a new church in the community. The local minister, Rev. John Chapman, and the members of the congregation laid the cornerstone for St. Peter's on November 6, 1839. Three years later on December 11, 1842, the first service was held in the uncompleted structure. A lack of lighting prevented the traditional Evensong service from being held until the year after.

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Twillingate, NL
St. Peter's Anglican Church, Twillingate, NL
St. Peter's Anglican Church is a good example of a simplified Gothic Revival style employed in an outport church.
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Work continued on the church for another two years before completion. On September 14, 1844, William J. Murphy finished placing the spire on the tower of the church. By November 2, 1844, work on the new church with a seating capacity of 880 was complete. The following year on July 3, 1845, the Anglican Bishop, Edward Feild, consecrated St. Peter's. Although virtually all free labour was provided to build the structure, construction cost an estimated £1000. With the exception of £100 donated from two religious societies in England and £10 from the Newfoundland church, the total cost of the building was borne by the local congregation.

St. Peter's received gifts from as far away as Poole, England. R. Slade, Esq., from Poole said he would pay the cost of a complete set of communion plates regardless of their cost. Another gentleman, John Slade, donated a set of brass light fixtures, brass candle sconces from St. James Church in Poole, England, and two brass plaques. The first plaque depicted the ten commandments and the second had both the creed and Lord's prayer inscribed.

The next major addition to the church came in 1862 when the congregation raised sufficient funds to erect a large bell in the tower in praise of that year's bountiful seal harvest. In 1884 a chancel was added and the seating capacity was increased to 1000. The Slade plaques were subsequently placed on either side of the chancel window.

The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador designated St. Peter's Church a Heritage Structure on April 18, 1998.

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