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This page is from a heritage partnered project. It was written in 1998 by students from Mount Pearl Junior High and edited by their teachers. It has not been vetted by the heritage website's academic editor.

We developed our web site with the information we gathered from interviews with individuals who live in various parts of the province.

Ruth Anthony

Ruth Anthony was born on January 20, 1947, in the northern Newfoundland community of St. Anthony. She has lived her entire life in the province of Newfoundland, residing for the last nine years in Mount Pearl. During her life, she has worked as a medical secretary for the International Grenfell Association and as a legal secretary in St. John's. As well, she has been active in community through work with Guides, Scouts, church and schools. Mrs. Anthony is a recipient of the Silver Merit Award in Guiding and has received her fifteen year service pin for Guiding. Her hobbies include knitting, sewing and other crafts.

Mrs. E. G. Bartlett

Mrs. E. G. Bartlett was born in Harbour Grace on November 22, 1911. She has lived in Newfoundland her whole life, moving back and forth from Harbour Grace to Buchans. She was a teacher at Buchans public school and the first commissioner of Girl Guides in Buchans. She also started the Brownies in Buchans. She has a special attachment to Mount Pearl because that is where she became engaged to Mr. Ernest G. Bartlett. Her only daughter and three of her grandchildren now reside in Mount Pearl. She says she thinks Mount Pearl is a "lovely city" with a quiet "country atmosphere". She remembers Mount Pearl as a country place where many people had cabins. "There were no houses," she says. Mrs. Bartlett is one of many people who have a special place in their hearts for Mount Pearl.

Glenda Knight

Glenda Knight was born in St. John's, NL in October 1943. She has spent most of her life in Newfoundland. After becoming a teacher at Morris Academy, a school in Mount Pearl, she decided to move there. Mrs. Knight has made many contributions to the community. She has been involved in many school-related activities such as helping the Mount Pearl Junior and Senior High basketball teams travel to tournaments outside the province and to the Winter Games. She has served as a poll clerk during elections and has also collected for many charities. After sixteen years of teaching she has retired and is still living in Mount Pearl. Her hobbies include music (she is a private music teacher), gardening, and crafts.

James Langor

James Langor was born in 1954 in Champney's West, a small fishing community on the shores of Trinity Bay on the east coast of Newfoundland. Shortly after he was born, his family moved to Thoroughfare, Newfoundland, a small fishing community on Random Island in Trinity Bay. James spent his first three years in Thoroughfare until the town was resettled. At that time his parents returned to Champney's West where they remained until James was 14 years old when that community was resettled to Catalina (James' story of resettlement is included in this site under the theme of Events). James finished high school in Catalina and continued his education at Memorial University. Here he received a B.A. with an major in History and minors in English and Religous Studies. James later completed a graduate degree in Educational Administration in the Faculty of Educaiton at Memorial University. He has been teaching for 23 years in a number of Newfoundland communities. He is currently assigned to MacDonald Drive Junior High School in St. John's, NL. James is a serious fly fisherman and operates a fly fishing business where he ties flies and sells fly fishing equipment. He produces fly art. Former United States President George Bush is the most famous recipient of one of his pieces.

Edgar Mudge

Edgar Mudge was born in 1942 in a small community on the Great Northern Pennisula of Newfoundland. Bonne Bay was his home until he was ready to start his teaching career. In the 1950s teachers were in great demand. High school graduates could attend a summer school program at Memorial University where they would receive six weeks of training in education before accepting positions in small rural schools in communities across the island. Edgar participated in the summer school program and spent his first year teaching at Reef Harbour, a community north of his home, Bonne Bay. Edgar later returned to university where he finished his degree and continued his teaching career in a number of Newfoundland communities. His last assignment was as vice-principal at Mount Pearl Junior High School. Edgar retired from teaching after 29 years of service. He currently resides in Mount Pearl where keeps fit by working out regularly and enjoys his hobbies of woodworking, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and fly tying.

Mae Rodgers

Mae Rodgers was born in Port de Grave, Newfoundland on July 12, 1929. She has lived in Newfoundland all her life. Her connection to Mount Pearl is her family. Her youngest son, Robert White, lives there with his wife and their four children, one of whom is Rebecca White, one of the web page designers. Mae Rodgers worked with the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador as a Juvenile Guidance Officer. She has been involved in many activities with the church, the Church Lads Brigade and also with the SPCA. Mae Rodgers' special hobby is doing various needlecraft especially knitting. She was interviewed for her stories of Port de Grave and St. John's, where she currently lives.

William Taylor

William Taylor was born in November 1912 in Jamestown, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. At the age of fourteen he left Jamestown to work in Millertown in Central Newfoundland where he has lived ever since. He has worked at a variety of jobs before retiring at the age of sixty-five in 1977. Some of these jobs include: logger, equipment operator, train operator, and a power house operator. He has always been very active in the community, a long time member of the Orange Lodge and participated in community events. His hobbies include rabbit catching, fishing and hunting. He is an avid outdoorsman and was a recipient of the Outdoorsman of the Year award from the Department of Wildlife.

Bert Vincent

Bert Vincent was born and grew up in Triton, Newfoundland in the early 1930s. Triton is a small town in northern Newfoundland, approximately one hour from Grand Falls. In April 1951 he married Delphine and they have ten children, three girls and seven boys. Mr. Vincent made a living as a cook, working with the AND Company and he ran a bakery just before he retired. He is very involved in church work and the community. He is a member of Triton's town council. In his spare time, Mr. Vincent enjoys taking care of his cabin and when it's the right season, he likes to fish.

Pearl (Martin) Wiseman

Pearl (Martin) Wiseman was born in 1931 in the small community of Hickman's Harbour. She has spent all of her life in Newfoundland and she currently resides in Clarenville. She has three children, two of whom still live in Clarenville while the other lives in Mount Pearl. Mrs. Wiseman is very devoted to her family and thus spent her time working in the home. She also was a store clerk. She is involved in church organizations, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Hospital Auxiliary. She has received recognition for her extensive volunteer activities. In her leisure time she knits and does needlepoint.

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