This page is from a heritage partnered project. It was written in 1998 by students from Mount Pearl Junior High and edited by their teachers. It has not been vetted by the heritage website's academic editor.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved with helping us complete this project. This long list of names includes people whom we have interviewed, those who have provided pictures and provided us with other things such as recipes and stories. We thank them all, we could not have done it without them.

Thank you to:

Mr. E. Mudge

Mrs. E. G. Bartlett

Mrs. R. Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Barbour

Mr. L. Foote

Mr. F. Bannister

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers

Ms. C. S. Nicholson

Mr. J. Langor

Mr. W. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Wisemen

Mr. C. Blackwood

Mr. B. Vincent

Mr. A. Vincent

Ms. G. Knight

With special thanks to:

Mr. Robert Stewart and Mr. Nath Sheppard

From Partridgeberry Productions:

Tamara Boone, Tracy Boone, Jo-Anna Clark, Sara Downey, Amy Humphries, Betsy Nicholson, Jordan Stead and Rebecca White

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