Hezikiah House
(Woody Point, Bonne Bay)

The origins of Hezikiah House at Woody Point are not definitely known. It is possible that Woody Point's second settler, Solomon Wilton, built the house around 1858. Solomon was a fisherman who moved to Bonne Bay from Rose Blanche in 1858. His youngest son, Hezikiah, known as Uncle Ky, raised a family in the dwelling. At that time in Newfoundland, the tradition was for the youngest son to inherit the family home and to care for the parents. Thus, it is also possible that Hezikiah had the dwelling built in the 1870s or 1880s.

Hezikiah House,Woody Point, Bonne Bay
Hezikiah House, Woody Point, NL
Hezikiah House is typical of the traditional style of home built throughout Newfoundland during the late 19th century.
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The builders of the home are also unknown, although they were likely the Roberts family, the first settlers in Bonne Bay.

What is certain is that Hezikiah House is one of the oldest remaining structures in Bonne Bay. The large wooden shores foundation, and the indentations of some of the window trims and the front door are typical of older homes in the Bonne Bay area. In addition, there is a second storey window set into the steep front peak of the home.

The dwelling remained in the Wilton family until John Galliott and his wife Olga bought it in 1941. It was later purchased by Jim Martin and in 1971, the house changed owners again when the Loving family acquired it. Hezikiah House continues to be their summer residence. Plans are being made to make necessary restorations to the structure.

The Heritage Foundation declared Hezikiah House a Heritage Structure in the fall of 1997.

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