Have Faith In Your Country

Newfoundland is your country. Have faith in it and your own ability to make it richer and better in every way. Strangers cannot do for you what you can do for yourselves. Canada cannot give us the only thing we need for our prosperity--markets. Britain has no dollars and cannot buy from us. America is the best customer we have and we need self government so we can approach the American with proposals for improved trade between us.

If we join Canada now we shall never have a chance to know the prosperity that open markets in America would give us.

If we go back to Responsible Government, we have time to approach the American and a chance as well to examine Confederation.

At present we know nothing about the effect of Confederation on our fish markets or our general trade.

But we do know what the effect of better trade relations with America would have on our prosperity.

Let us try self-government, see what we can do with America. That is the wise course. That is the only safe course. That is the only courageous course for Newfoundland to take at this critical moment in her history.

From "Have Faith In Your Country," The Independent, 13 May 1948, p. 7.

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