King, Sir Richard (1730-1806)

Governor, 1792-1793

Richard King was born at Gosport on August 10, 1730. He joined the Royal Navy in 1738, serving on the Berwick, on which his father was master. He accompanied his uncle on service in the Mediterranean and the East Indies, and became a lieutenant on 1 February 1745, on the Tiger. In 1756 he was promoted commander of the Blaze fireship, and commanded ships at the capture of Calcutta and Hoogly.

King continued to serve in the West Indies, France and Manila, and was knighted in 1782 for his service near Madras, India. Fighting against the French, his ship almost dismasted, he continued until the French retired. He was promoted Rear-Admiral in 1787 and commander-in-chief of the Downs in 1790.

In 1792, King was knighted and appointed commander-in-chief and governor of Newfoundland. During his term, the French declared war on Britain, and King captured St. Pierre and Miquelon.

In 1793 he became a vice-admiral and a member of parliament for Rochester. In 1794 he became commander-in-chief at Plymouth, and the following year he was promoted admiral. He died on 7 November, 1806.

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