Clinton, George (c. 1686 - 1761)

Governor, 1731

George Clinton was born in Oxfordshire, England, c. 1686, son of Francis Fiennes Clinton, the sixth earl of Lincoln. He joined the Royal Navy in 1707 and became a captain in 1716. In 1731, Clinton was appointed Governor of Newfoundland as well as commodore of the fleet. He was the first officer to hold both titles.

While governor, Clinton's primary duty was to observe the behaviour of the newly- appointed local magistrates. Clinton favoured the magistrates when disputes arose between them and the fishing admirals, and proved to be an efficient administrator.

Clinton continued his career in the navy after he left Newfoundland, and was appointed governor of New York in 1741.

After returning to England, he was elected to Parliament in 1754, and appointed Admiral of the Fleet in 1757. He died on July 10, 1761 at the age of 75.

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