War Vet

Editor Independent,
Angel Building
Dear Mr. Editor,

I was badly shot up in the war of 1914-1918. Three sons of mine fought in the last war. One did not return. I voted for Self-Government on June 3rd. because I believed that was the only way to get the best possible for our people, either through Confederation or by increased trade with the United States of America.

Now the Confederate included me with those it calls traitors to our King. Don't you think it's about time Smallwood and Bradley were made to pipe down a bit?

Yours truly,

Grand Falls, July 1, 1948.

Editors Note. Yes, War Vet, we do think it is about time. Don't worry they will both have their "egos" badly shot up by ballots on July 22nd.

From "War Vet," The Independent, 15 July 1948, p. 2.

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