Original Inventory

The following list is an inventory made of the first Government House in October 1809. Completed in 1781, this building was the governor's residence prior to the opening of the present Government House in 1831. It was a wooden house situated on the grounds within Fort Townshend. Although the governor resided here only for a few months each year, other members of his staff, such as the civil secretary, lived in the house year-round.

Dining Room
1 side board (mahogany)
3 knife cases (mahogany)
1 large dining table (mahogany)
4 spare leaves (mahogany)
1 side table (mahogany)
12 hair chairs (mahogany)
2 arm chairs
1 fire screen
2 pictures (the King and Queen)
1 large looking glass
3 fire irons
2 curtains
bars for windows
2 Venetian blinds
hearth brush and fender

Drawing Room
Pembroke table
card table
sofa with 2 bolsters and covers
large pier glass
fire screen
10 mahogany chairs
2 arm chairs
3 fire irons
2 window curtains and bars
hearth brush
2 Venetian blinds

Secretary's Chamber
stair carpet
curtains and bedstead
sofa cover
1 mattress and 2 feather beds
3 blankets and counterpane
large clothes press
dress table
washing stand
pier glass
1 bolster
3 chairs
1 fender
1 pillow

Clerk's Office
chest of drawers
1 large desk
1 small desk
1 chair
1 chest of papers nailed up
painted canvas in four pieces
3 fire irons and fender

Servant's Hall
4 wooden chairs
chest of drawers
1 large dresser
2 trays
3 fire irons

Steward's Pantry
1 table
1 chair
stair carpet

Steward's Bedroom
2 bed heads
1 feather bed
1 mattress
2 bolsters with covers
1 small table

Governor's Chamber
easy chair and covers
clothes press
chest of drawers
dressing table
3 chairs
2 arm chairs
bedstead and curtains
2 feather beds and 1 hair mattress
2 counterpanes
1 bolster
5 blankets
1 pillow
night chair
1 oval pier glass
2 window curtains
1 carpet
fire irons and fender
hearth rug and brush

dressing case with water stand
jug and basin
1 table

Captain's Chamber
10 handles and iron screws
12 locks and keys
bedstead, 2 mattresses, and 1 feather bed
1 bolster and pillow, and 2 blankets
5 chairs
dressing table
large chest of drawers
bed curtains and carpet
washing stand

Secretary's Office
1 writing table
1 bookcase and drawers for records
painted canvas
1 table
3 fire irons
chest for books
4 green painted chairs
2 hair chairs
long case with sealed plan of St. John's

Passage below
painted canvas

Passage below
5 candlesticks
2 plated chambers candlesticks
2 snuffers
2 extinguishers
3 scrapers
2 mats

1 copper coal scuttle
1 tub
1 dresser
1 plate rack
1 kitchen fire screen and 1 fender
1 spit
washing tub
1 block

Courtesy of The Rooms Provincial Archives Division (MG 204, ff. 00338-00340, Duckworth Papers, Inventory of Government House, October 1809). List complied by Dr. Jerry Bannister.