Louis de Pastour de Costebelle

Interim Governor of Plaisance, 1690-1691

Louis de Pastour de Costebelle, probably born in St. Malo around 1658, became interim governor of Plaisance (Placentia) after Parat's precipitate departure in 1690. Jacques-François de Mombeton de Brouillan had already been designated governor, but as he had been unable to leave France on time, Costebelle served in his place as governor until his arrival.

Costebelle joined the navy in 1683, fought in the Mediterranean against the Barbary pirates, and came to Newfoundland as head of a detachment of soldiers in 1687. He took a bullet in the back during the British attack on Plaisance in February 1690. After that attack and the Basque sedition of August 1690, the settlement was in a deplorable state, needing clothing, arms, ammunition and other provisions. Even 16 of the 25 soldiers were employed in the fishery. Costebelle asked the king to send a ship with the needed supplies, and had a fort and an enclosure constructed.

His brother, Philippe, came to Plaisance as well, but Louis left the colony soon thereafter and possibly continued to serve in the navy. Costebelle withdrew from service in 1696 and returned to France.

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