Election List, 1855-1934

Party in Power
1855 Liberal P.F. Little  
1859 Liberal J. Kent Kent dismissed by the governor
1861 Conservative H.W. Hoyles  
1865 Conservative F.B.T. Carter Included some senior Liberals
1869 Anti-confederate C.J.F. Bennett  
1873 Anti-confederate C.J.F. Bennett Government collapsed
1874 Conservative F.B.T. Carter  
1878 Conservative W.V. Whiteway  
1882 Conservative W.V. Whiteway Conservative-Liberal coalition
1885 Reform R. Thorburn  
1889 Liberal W.V. Whiteway A new, pro-railway Liberal party
1893 Liberal W.V. Whiteway 
1897 Tory J.S. Winter Government collapsed
1900 Liberal R. Bond  
1904 Liberal R. Bond  
1908 ------- ------- Tie election
1909 People's E.P. Morris  
1913 People's E.P. Morris  
1919 Liberal Reform R.A. Squires  
1923 Liberal Reform R.A. Squires Government collapsed.
Several short-lived administrations followed.
1924 Liberal Conservative W.S. Monroe  
1928 Liberal R.A. Squires  
1932 United Newfoundland F.C. Alderdice  
1934 ------- ------- Suspension of responsible government

*The title "prime minister" was used from 1909.

**General elections took place every four years and in the Fall. Exceptions were the result of a political crisis or other exceptional circumstances. Deviations from the rule occurred in 1861, 1874, 1885, 1900, 1909, 1919 and 1924.

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