William Poole; 24 August, 1652

Deposition taken at Ferryland, in Baltimore vs. D. Kirke.

Maryland Historical Society, Calvert Papers, 174/200.
Published in Louis D. Scisco, "Testimony Taken at Newfoundland in 1652", Canadian Historical Review 9 (1928) 239-251, see 245-246. Revised by P.E. Pope.

The examination and deposition of William Poole, inhabitant of Renews to all the articles contained in the Libel annexed to the Commission of Admiralty, taken at Ferryland before us Commissioners appointed for the expediting of the said Commission, in the Newfoundland, Tuesday August 24th, 1652.

1 Imprimis: To the first [as to a lawful grant to the elder Calvert], the said William Poole, deponent, doth acknowledge the truth of what is expressed in the article.

2 To the second [as to the Calvert right to levy imposition], the said deponent can speak nothing.

3 To the third [as to occupation and investment by the elder Calvert], he doth acknowledge the whole truth.

4 To the fourth [as to fishery work by the elder Calvert], he doth acknowledge the whole truth.

5 To the fifth [as to devolution of properties upon Cecil Calvert], he can speak nothing.

6 To the sixth [as to agents in charge of Calvert properties], he saith that the said Sir George Calvert left an agent here, one Hoyle who was afterward carried away by one Ralph Morley. Two years after the departure of the said Hoyle, Captain William Hill took possession of the Mansion House at Ferryland, and kept the possession thereof until the coming of Sir David Kirke, and was dispossessed by him.

7 To the seventh [as to fishing and tax levies by Calvert agents], he can speak nothing.

8 To the eighth [as to the manner in which Kirke took possession], he saith that Sir David Kirke made use of the boats, houses, goods and other things left in the house; but to what value he knows not.

9 To the ninth [as to Kirke's use of the Calvert fishing boats], he saith that the said Sir David Kirke did make use of some boats; but the quantity or value he knows not, nor of any thing else contained in the article.

10 To the 10th [as to Kirke's levy of the imposition], he saith that the said Sir David Kirke did receive imposition; but the value he knows not, nor of any particular else contained in the article.

11 To the eleventh [as to the beneficiary of Kirke's imposition], he can speak nothing.

12 To the twelfth [as to Calvert's right to reparation], he can speak nothing.

13 To the thirteenth [as to the legality of Kirke's acts], he can speak nothing but leaves it to them to judge.

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