Southampton Customer; 9 April, 1629

Extract from Port Book

Great Britain, PRO, Exchequer, King's Remembrancer, E 190/822/9.

Published in Gillian T. Cell, ed., Newfoundland Discovered, English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630, Hakluyt Society 2nd series, no. 160 (London: Hakluyt Society, 1982) 291. Revised by P.E. Pope.

The 9th of April 1629.

In the SAINT CLAUDE REGIS, burthen 200 tons,

Stephen Bacon, master, for Avalon [Ferryland], in Newfoundland.

Captaine Ralfe Morley [Ralph Morley], the assigne of the Lord Baltimore [Sir George Calvert] for the use of the said Lord's plantation there, free of custom and all duties, by virtue of his Lordship's grant for the space of 10 years, from our late sovereign Lord King James [King James I], dates the 7th of April in the 21st year of his reign, as followeth

one hundred quarters of wheat per statute } Cust.
more one hundred quarters of malt per statute } Cust.
more 10 quarters of peas per statute } Defaulke, Cust.
and 10 quarters of oatmeal per statute } Cust.