Anon.; 24 April, 1654

"Upon the several petitions of John Treworgie, Walter Sykes and William Pyles"

Great Britain, PRO, Colonial Office, CO 1/12 (20v), 59.
MHA 16-B-5-026. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Upon the several petitions of John Treworgie, Walter Sykes and William Pyles

We find that a commission was granted to them by the Council of State, 8 of April 1651, to John Treworgie, Walter Sykes and another commission the 16 of June, 1652, to the same Walter Sykes and Capt. William Piles, the elder, together or any two of them, should take into their possession and keep for the use of the Commonwealth or the adventurers thither, all the ordnance, ammunition, houses, boats, stages and other appurtenances belonging to the fishing trade and should collect the imposition of fish and oil due from strangers.

By the later commission, they are required to forward, for the use of the Commonwealth, so much of the said goods ["possessions" struck out] [of] the adventurers there, as lewd delinquents, a good part whereof was suggested to be in Sir David Kirke's hands. Sir David Kirke's having liberty to look to his estate there, is ...[?]... said conditions and required to see the same held not conveyed away nor put out of the State's possession.

It is acknowledged they siezed boats, stages and ... other things there, in Sr David Kirke's possession, which was then the Governor but sent for away, by order of the Council [Council of State], being charged as complying with the enemy this season to be, 1651/1652. Sir David Kirke being deceased, one James Kirke, his brother and administrator, hath two actions at law on against John Treworgie, being an action [of] £ 120 ... trespass, for siezing away 100 hogsheads of salt, 30 boats and 13 train vats of his goods. And had a order by default and damages, taxed to £700 besides costs. Another action for enter and conversion against the same Piles for hundred [?] quintals of dry fish and corfish [wet-cured fish] taken from the petitioner and such a verdict for £ 230 damages. A third action is brought by the same James Kirke against the elder Sykes for enter and conversion, for the family goods in the last action, which is not yet argued. The said persons find such there witnesses are now all at sea, as is alleged.