Richard Amiss et al. [Inhabitants of Buoys Island, off Ferryland, Newfoundland]; May, 1709

Petition to Governor Joseph Dudley of Massachusetts

Boston Public Library, Mss Acc.468 (1)

To his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governor and Captain General in and over Her Majesty's Colonies at New England and New Hampshire etc.

The humble address of the masters of families and inhabitants of the Island of Buoys [Buoys Island, off Ferryland] in Newfoundland

Humbly showeth

That we, Her Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects and your Excellency's most humble servants, the masters of families and inhabitants of the Island of Buoys [Buoys Island] in Newfoundland, being deeply sensible of your Excellency's great goodness and clemency towards us in commiserating our condition by sending us and our neighbours relief in the Brigantine HOPE, Captain William Pickering commander, with power to demand us [command us], if in the hands of our enemies, and support to transport us to your Excellency's government, which in all humility we acknowledge to be an infinite favour and with all submission acknowledge our gratitude and thankfulness.

But, as it hath pleased God of his infinite mercy to protect and defend us against our enemies in two different assaults, we hope by the same providence to defend ourselves against all their assaults, being fully resolved to maintain this our Island to the last extremity for her Majesty's honour, and our nation's interest and shall be ready, if required, to act offensively against our enemies, to the end that they may be totally rooted out of this country.

We do therefore humbly request your Excellency to accept of our poor but sincere and unfeigned thanks for your so great goodness and clemency towards us, and as in duty bound we sincerely and unfeignedly with all submission subscribe ourselves.

Your Excellency's Most dutiful and most obedient humble servants


Richard Amiss
Richard Hamlin
John Irwine
Edward Shapley
Henry Wherry
Richard Daves
Roger Deker
John Reales
Robert Benger
Alexander Penprayse
John Glanvile
Andrew Palmer
Richard Churaye
William Clogg
Lawrence Trick
Edward Lane
Archibald Brown
John Searle
Thomas Pass
Archibald Cuming
Oliver Lang [Lony?]
John Tucker
Richard Roberts
Richard Clog
Arthur Whili [White?]
Thomas Diblie
John Thomas
John Hodge
John Saunders
Edmund Webber
William Penprayse
John Fletcher
Griffith Russell
John Wyett
William Cooper
Henry Rice
Nathanielle Lucum
Anthony Piersons
Thomas Cuming

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Copy of an Address from the Inhabitants of the Island of Buoys in Newfoundland, to His Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq.
May, 1709