Memorandum Granting John Cabot an Annual Pension of 20 Pounds, 13 December 1497.

[Reproduced from H.P. Biggar (Editor), The Precursors of Jacques Cartier 1497-1534: A Collection of Documents relating to the Early History of the Dominion of Canada (Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau 1911), 16. The original is in the Public Record Office,London.]

Henry by thie grace of God King of England and of ffraunce and lord of Irland, To the most reverend fadre in God John, Cardinal archiebisshop of Cantrebury, prymate of all England, and of the apostolique see legate, our chaunceller, greeting: We late you wite that We for certaine considerations us specially moevying have yeven and graunted unto our welbiloved John Calbot of the parties of Venice an annuitie or annuel rent of twenty pounces sterling, to be had and yerely perceyved from the fest of thanunciation of our lady last passed during our pleasur of our custumes and subsidies commying and growing in our Poort of Bristowe by thands of our custumers ther for the tyme beying at Michelmas and Estre by even porcions Wherefor we wol and charge you that under our grete seal ye do make heruppon our letters patentes in god and effectual forme Yeven undre our Pryve Seal at our paloys of Westminister the xiiith day of Decembre The xiiith yere of our Reigne. Henry by the grace of God, King of England and of France and lord of Ireland, to the most reverend father in God John, Cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England, and legate of Rome, our chancellor, greeting: we write to you because we, for certain considerations very important to us, have given and granted unto our well beloved John Cabot from the region of Venice, an annuity or annual rent of twenty pounds sterling to be had and yearly received. [This pension is to start] from the feast of the Annunciation of our Lady [25 March] that has most recently passed, and to be paid from our customs and subsidies obtained in our Port of Bristol by the hands of our customs officials there. For the time being [the pension is to be paid] at Michelmas [29 September] and Easter in even portions. Wherefor we desire and command you that under our great seal you make our letters patent in good and effectual form. Given under our Privy Seal at our palace of Westminister the 13th day of December in the 13th year of our Reign.