William Peasely, John Langford and Thomas Fludd; 1 February, 1633

"The Inventory of the estate of Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore"

Maryland Historical Society, Calvert Papers, 174.
Published in Maryland Historical Society, The Calvert Papers, no. 1, Fund Publication no. 28 Baltimore: J. Murphy & Co., 1889) 50-54. Revised by P.E. Pope.


A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, credits, chattels of the Right Honourable George, Lord Baltimore, deceased, which he had at the time of his death in this Kingdom of England, taken the first day of February, Anno Domini 1632, stilo Anglie [English style] made and appraised by William Peasly, John Langford and Thomas Fludd, as followeth, viz:

Imprimis one lease of an annuity or yearly pension of one thousand pounds per annum, granted to the said George, Lord Baltimore, his executors administrators and assigns, by the King's Majesty, that now is for the term of one and twenty years, beginning at the Feast of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary last past, to be paid by his Majesty's Customers out of the petty farms etc.£6000
Item his Lordship's apparel £70
Item his Lordship's books £6
Item in ready money and plate £600
Item one thousand weight of bad Virginia tobacco, yet unsold worth 5d per pound £12

Goods and implements of house and household stuff remaining in his Lordship's house, in the backside of Lincoln's Inn Field [in London], viz.:

In the dining room.

Item ten green cloth chairs £2 10 s
Item two great green arming chairs [armchairs] £1
Item two low green cloth chairs 10 s
Item two carpets of cloth, with gilded leather £3
Item one pair of brass andirons £2
Item one pair of iron andirons, topped with brass 6 s
Item fireshovell and tongs 5 s
Item a pair of snuffers, bellows and two hand screens of wicker 5 s
Item two tables 15 s
Item one window curtain of Bristol stuff and other pieces of such stuff to line the windows £1

In the little passage room joining to a chamber.

Item one window curtain of Bristol stuff with some other broken pieces of the same£1

In the bed chamber

Item one green bed, laced, and the bedding belonging to it £10
Item two great green chairs, laced, and two little chairs suitable to the said Bed£1
Item one cupboard, covered with green cotton 10 s
Item two little window curtains and small pieces of stuff about the room 10 s
Item one pair of iron andirons, topped with brass, with fire shovel, tongs, snuffers and bellows10 s
Item a table with a green cloth carpet on it10 s

In another bed chamber

Item one half headed bedstead with a canopy of Norwich stuff and hangings of the fame about the room, with a feather bed bolster and bedclothes to it and a table and one window curtain £8

In another bed chamber

Item one bedstead with furniture of Norwich stuff hangings, carpets and two window curtains of the same stuff with a feather bed bolster and bedclothes to it, andirons, fire shovel, tongs, bellows, snuffers and a little table £10
Item one trundle bed and bedding for servants £3

In another chamber

Item a half headed bedstead, a trundle bed, a canopy of Norwich stuff, with bedding thereto belonging and a window curtain £5

In another chamber

Item one pair of iron andirons, fire shovel, tongs, bellows, snuffers, one window curtain of Bristol stuff and little pieces of the same stuff with a little table£1 10 s

In the garrett

Item one bedstead, a feather bed and furniture to it, two half-headed bedsteads with flock beds and bedclothes, three tables, a press [chest of drawers], three curtains of darning, two carpets of Norwich stuff, a pair of andirons, fire shovel and tongs, a pair of bellows, four leather chairs and four leather stools£6 

In the kitchen

Item pewter and tin vessels £5
Item vessels of brass and iron and other implements of the kitchen £8

In the hall.

Item a settle bed, with a flock bed and bedclothes to it, three joined stools a fire shovel and tongs£1 


Item lumber [miscellaneous goods] in and about the house£2

Ready Money

Item in ready money, remaining in the hands of the Lord Cottington and Sir William Ashton, in trust for the use of some of the younger children of the said Lord Baltimore and disposed of by his will£3450 10 s 

Summo totalis huius inventarii   [Sum total of this inventory]£9723

This copy is duly tested by Gilbert Dethick, Notary Public, 1 February, 1633.