Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore; April 14, 1632


Maryland Historical Society, Calvert Papers, 174.

Published in Maryland Historical Society, The Calvert Papers, no. 1, Fund Publication no. 28 (Baltimore: J. Murphy & Co., 1889) 48-50. Revised by P.E. Pope.

Will of Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore dated 14 April, 1632 and proved on 21 of the same month in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Sir George Calvert, Knight, Lord Baltimore, being sick of body but well in mind do hereby declare my last will and testament. To be first I do bequeath my soul to God, and my body to the ground.

ITEM I do bequeath my lands, goods, and chattels of what nature soever to my eldest son Cecil Calvert [Second Lord Baltimore], either in England or Ireland and elsewhere.

ITEM I do give and bequeath to my daughter Helen Calvert the sum of twelve hundred pounds [£ 1200] to be paid unto her out of the moneys remaining in the hands of my Lord Cottington and Sir William Ashton, ffeoffees for those monies, to the use of my younger children, which sum I do desire to be paid unto her within six months next after my death. And I do bequeath the remainder of those moneys in the ffeoffees hands aforementioned (this said portion being deducted) to be equally divided amongst my three younger sons, viz. Leonard, George, and Henry Calvert to be paid unto them at their several ages of one and twenty, respectively.

ITEM I do give and bequeath to my youngest son Phillipp Calvert the sum of three hundred pounds [£ 300], to be paid unto him at the age of one and twenty. And, for his education and maintenance in the meantime, I do order and require my eldest son Cecil Calvert to take care, and be at the charge thereof.

ITEM I do give unto my daughter Anne Peaseley and my daughter Grace Talbot, each of them, a cross of gold, of the value of forty shillings [40 s] apiece. And, likewise, to my son in law, Robert Talbott and William Peaseley, two other crosses of gold, of the fame value, to be given unto them within one month after my death.

ITEM I do give to my servant William Mason the sum of forty pounds [£ 40]. ITEM I do give unto my servant Bridgett Draycoate the sum of twenty pounds [£ 20]. Item I do give unto my servant Edward Burke the sum of five pounds [£ 5]. All which three sums to my servants my will is that they be paid unto them within six months next after my death.

ITEM I do hereby appoint and require my son Cecil Calvert to pay and discharge all my debts that shall appear to be due. And all these legacies here before mentioned that are here charged upon him. And, for better performance of this my last will and testament, I do hereby nominate my son Cecil Calvert to be my sole executor and desire my noble and ancient friend, the Lord Viscount Wentworth, and the Lord Cottington to be my overseers and supervisors thereof, whom I likewise humbly request to have a care of my poor family and to patronize and love it as they have been pleased to do unto me ever since our first acquaintance in court and elsewhere.

ITEM I do give also which I should have mentioned before amongst my kindred at Kiplie in the North the sum of twenty pounds [£ 20], to be disposed at the discretion of my executor and son Cecil Calvert, because he knoweth the parties.

IN WITNESS whereof I have this 14th day of April One Thousand Six Hundred Thirty and Two [1631] put my hand and seal unto this my last will and testament

MEMORANDUM. Upon further consideration, my will and pleasure is that my son Leonard Calvert in regard that he is already a man, and my second son he shall have nine hundred pounds [£ 900] to be paid him within six months after my death, out of the Moneys remaining in trust, in the hands of the Lord Cottington and Sir William Ashton, my ffeoffees [?]. And the remainder of the moneys in their hands (the said portions to my daughter Helen and my son Leonard being deducted) I do bequeath to be divided equally between my sons George Calvert and Henry Calvert, to be paid unto them at the years of one and twenty. And my will is that the first portion mentioned in this will to be given to my son Leonard shall be void.


This was signed and sealed in the presence of us and before the said signing and sealing besides the small interlining in the other page these words (my son Cecil Calvert to be my sole executor) mentioned between the fourth and fifth line of this page besides these other little interlinings were made.

Tobie Mathew, Leonard Calvert,
William Peasely, William Mason

(This copy, issued out of the Prerogative Court of James, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of all Ireland and Metropolitan, and is tested June 5th, 1632.)