Edward Winne; 28 August, 1621

Letter to Sir George Calvert [later Lord Baltimore, from Ferryland]

Published in "Another Letter of the 28th of August, from the said Captain Winne [Edward Winne], unto Master Secretary Calvert", in A LETETR [sic] WRITTEN BY CAP-taine EDWARD WINNE, to the Right Honorable, Sir George Calvert, Knight, his Majesties Principall secretary: from Ferryland in Newfoundland, the 26. of August, 1621 (London: 1621). Reprinted in Gillian T. Cell, ed., Newfoundland Discovered, English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630, Hakluyt Society 2nd series, no. 160 (London: Hakluyt Society, ©1982) 257-258. Revised by P.E. Pope.

May it please your Honour,

Upon the 26th of this present [26 August, 1621] I delivered unto one Master Henry Zeny, master of a Ship of Milbrooke, near Plymouth, a packet directed to Master Jennings, wherein my letters to your Honour were enclosed, the copies whereof I have likewise here enclosed, and have sent the same by Master Busse, master of the PROSPEROUS, a Ship of Bristol; humbly praying, your Honour, that I may be furnished with all necessary tools and provision of victuals the next year; and if your Honour may, with about the number of twenty persons more, whereof a surgeon and a learned and a religious minister; that then your Honour may be pleased, by God's assistance, not to doubt of a good and a profitable success in every respect and a flourishing plantation. Women would be necessary here for many respects. Some two miles from this harbour, direct west, there is a pleasant champion [open country] fit for the farm, to set forward another year. And thus with my humble duty remembered and recommended unto your Honour and my good Lady, beseeching the Almighty to bless you and yours, and so I rest,

Your Honors most humble
faithful and obedient servant
Edward Winne.

From Ferryland, the 28th of August 1621.