Edward Davis; 23 September, 1695


Great Britain, PRO, Colonial Office, CO 194/1 (78vii), 153,v.
CNS microfilm. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Edward Davis, mariner, maketh oath that, at his this deponent's coming into the harbour of Ferryland in Newfoundland in August 1694, he was informed that Captain William Holman, commander of the WILLIAM AND MARY, private man of war, having notice that the French had a design upon that harbour, had, before this deponent's arrival there, been very instrumental in causing several old forts to be repaired and guns put into them. And this deponent saith that, after his the deponent's arrival there and during his continuance there, the said Captain Holman caused another new fort to be built and therein planted twelve guns, which was named Holman's Fort and also a breast work, wherein the said Captain Holman was at a considerable charge in timber, iron, nails and men's labour, in building and repairing the said forts, platforms and breast works, and also expended much powder and shot in firing from the said forts against two French men of war that came to attack the said harbour and ships, but the particular charge thereof this deponent cannot tell. And this deponent further deposeth that three of the great guns belonging to the said Captain Holman's ship were sunk in coming back from the said forts to the ship, which were endeavoured to be weighed up again but could not. And further saith that the said Captain Holman lost a considerable time in building and repairing the said forts and defending the place that otherwise might of have been spent in catching of fish. And this deponent verily believes that in case the said Captain Holman had not been there and so instrumental, as aforesaid, the said harbour would have been taken by the French, as this deponent is informed it had been before.

[signed] Edward Davis

Jurat [sworn], 23 day September
1695 [before]... me

[signed] William Oldys