Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore; 15 March, 1625

Letter to Sir John Coke

Melbourne Hall, Derby, Cowper mss, bundle 24.

Published in Gillian T. Cell, ed., Newfoundland Discovered, English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630, Hakluyt Society 2nd series, no. 160 (London: Hakluyt Society, ©1982) 269-270. Revised by P.E. Pope.

Sir. It is unlikely that you have heard of a journey which I intend shortly, God willing, for Newfoundland, to visit a plantation which I began there some few years since, under his Majesty's royal charter, and whither I have his license now under his signature to repair, this spring, to settle such things as require my presence. To this end I had communication with some owners of a ship called the JONATHAN, now in the river, and hired her for the transportation of myself and such planters as I carry with me at this time. Since I understand she is stayed (my self being absent in Yorkshire, and but newly returned) to serve for the King, to which it is good reason that all my occasions should give place. But in good truth Sir, I am by that means utterly disappointed, and you should do me a great favour to clear her, and her mariners, which I should acknowledge both to you and the rest of the Commissioners to whom I beseech you, commend my service. The like suit I make unto you for the PETER BONAVENTURE, another ship whereof one Sherwyn is master, with whom I contracted for carrying me over cattle, and the covenants are already drawn between us, that he and his marryners with the carpenters of both ships may be spared for this voyage and suffered to proceed in this employment, wherein I am to use them, if his Majesty's service hinder not. I presume, Sir, so much of your courtesy as I will not trouble you with many words, but tender you an assurance of the hearty affection of

From my house in Ch...on Row. 15 March, 1624

your very loving friend to do this
you service
G. Baltimore

My Lord Duke [George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham] hath... promised me all the assistance and furtherance he can give me in this enterprise, as I assure myself whatsoever favor you shall show me herein his Grace will not be displeased with it.

[Addressed:] To my honourable friend Sir John Coke, Knight, Master of the Requests and one of the Commissioners for his Majesty's Navy.

[Endorsed:] 1624 March 15. Lord Baltimore, for release of 2 ships JONATHAN and PETER BONADUENTURE.