Anne Love; 4 August, 1652

Deposition taken at Ferryland, in Baltimore vs. D. Kirke.

Maryland Historical Society, Calvert Papers, 174/200.
Published in Louis D. Scisco, "Testimony Taken at Newfoundland in 1652", Canadian Historical Review 9 (1928) 239-251, see 240-241. Revised by P.E. Pope.

Deposition of Anne Love, inhabitant in Ferryland, taken before us Commissioners at the Mansion House in Ferryland, August 31th 1652:

1 To the first Article of the libel [as to a lawful grant to the elder Calvert] the said Anne Love deponent doth acknowledge the truth of what is therein contained.

2 To the second [as to the Calverts' right to levy imposition] the said deponent can speak nothing.

3 To the third [as to occupation and investment by the elder Calvert] she saith the said Sir George Calvert came here at his own proper cost and charge and was lawfully possessed of the said Province of Avalon and provided also ships and boats for fishing, and made also places of succour and defense for ships and vessels that came into those parts to fish or otherwise to trade and traffic and does believe, by the judgements and report of people, he expended the sum of twenty thousand pounds [£ 20,000].

4 To the fourth [as to fishery work by the elder Calvert] she saith the said Lord Baltimore built a ship called the ANNE and divers boats, but the quantity she knoweth not; and also built divers stages for making and drying of fish; and also set forth and employed the said quantity of boats in taking of fish, but what profit he got by them she knows not, nor any thing else contained in the article.

5 To the fifth [as to devolution of properties upon Cecil Calvert] she saith she knows not of the death of the said Sir George Calvert, but she knows he left his son Cecil Lord Baltimore his heir.

6 To the sixth [as to agents in charge of Calvert properties] she can speak nothing.

7 To the seventh [as to fishing and tax levies by Calvert agents] she can speak nothing.

8 To the eight [as to the manner in which Kirke took possession] she saith, that Sir David Kirke did know of the possession thereof by the said Lord Baltimore and came here in the year 1638; but who was in possession at that time for the said Lord Baltimore she knows not.

9 To the ninth [as to Kirke's use of the Calvert fishing boats] she can speak nothing.

10 To the tenth [as to Kirke's levy of the imposition] she can speak nothing.

11 To the eleventh [as to the beneficiary of Kirke's imposition] she can speak nothing.

12 To the twelfth [as to Calvert's right to reparation] likewise.

13 To the thirteenth [as to the legality of Kirke's acts] likewise.

the mark of x Anne Love, being aged 50 years
or thereabouts