Amy Taylor; 24 August, 1652

Deposition taken at Ferryland, in Baltimore vs. D. Kirke.

Maryland Historical Society, Calvert Papers, 174/200.
Published in Louis D. Scisco, "Testimony Taken at Newfoundland in 1652", Canadian Historical Review 9 (1928) 239-251, see 243-244. Revised by P.E. Pope.

The examinations and depositions of Amy Taylor, inhabitant at Fermeuse, aged fifty-one years, to all the articles contained in the Libel annexed to the Commission of Admiralty, taken before us Commissioners at Ferryland, August 24th, 1652:

1 To the first article [as to a lawful grant to the elder Calvert], the said Amy Taylour deponent saith that she knows nothing to the contrary of what is expressed, because she hath heard of it before.

2 To the second [as to the Calvert right to levy imposition], she can speak nothing.

3 To the third [as to occupation and investment by the elder Calvert], she saith that the said Lord Baltimore came to the Province of Avalon at his own cost and charge and was lawfully possessed thereof and built stations for ships and vessels and expended the sum of seventeen thousand pounds [£ 17,000], as she hath heard by the said Lord Baltimore.

4 To the fourth [as to fishery work by the elder Calvert], she saith that the said Lord Baltimore did build and erect one hundred fishing boats, as also diverse stages for the making and drying of fish and that those boats were employed in taking and making of fish; but for the profit she knows not.

5 To the fifth [as to devolution of properties upon Cecil Calvert], she can speak nothing.

6 To the sixth [as to agents in charge of Calvert properties], likewise.

7 To the seventh [as to fishing and tax levies by Calvert agents], she saith that she knows Captain William Hill here, in possession peaceable and quiet, but by whom employed she knows not, nor of any other particular contained in the article.

8 To the eighth [as to the manner in which Kirke took possession], she saith that at the coming of the said Sir David Kirke the said Captain William Hill was in possession of the said Mansion House at Ferryland and was dispossessed by the said Sir David Kirke but whether by force or violence, as is expressed, she knows not. But for the goods and appurtenances else left by the said Lord of Baltimore, she saith the said Sir David Kirke took into his possession and was possessed of the same until the year 1651, taking the profit of all such goods and vessels to his own use and likewise imposition he received, but the value she knows not.

9 To the ninth [as to Kirke's use of the Calvert fishing boats], she saith that when the said Sir David Kirke came to Ferryland the said Lord Baltimore had not, to her knowledge, above six fishing boats or vessels and were not worth the value of thirty pounds [£ 30]. For the other particulars contained in the article she can speak nothing.

10 To the tenth [as to Kirke's levy of the imposition], she saith that custom and imposition the said Sir David Kirke did receive, but whether five fishes in the hundred she knows not nor yet the value. To the other particulars contained in the article she can speak nothing.

11 To the 11th [as to the beneficiary of Kirke's imposition], she can speak nothing.

12 To the 12th [as to Calvert's right to reparation], she saith that, if the said Sir David Kirke hath unlawfully taken and detained anything from the said Lord Baltimore, she believes he ought to make satisfaction.

13 To the thirteenth [as to the legality of Kirke's acts], she can say nothing.

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