Table of Geological Hazards Costs

Cost of remedial measures for geological disasters (data derived from public tendering process)

Example Date Action Cost Est. Source
Placentia Construction 1992-1993 Extension of sea wall, and construction of back beach flood protection  $3,000,000  Department of Municipal Affairs
Placentia 1982 flood damage 1982 Damage incurred to property  $750,000  Forbes (1984)
Gambo highway slope stability 1988-1992 Construction of stabilization measures  $650,000  Department of Works, Services and Transportation
Springdale rock fall 1998-1986 Construction of retaining wall and fence  $265,000  Boyd (1991)
John's Beach, Bay of Islands landslide 1993-1994 Dewatering of slope to mitigate against road slippage  $250,000  Department of Works, Services and Transportation
Gaultois 1992 Construction of retaining wall, scaling of slope  $155,000  Department of Municipal Affairs
Riverside Drive, Corner Brook landslide 1994 Diversion of drainage from highway via ditches  $63,000  Department of Works, Services and Transportation
Englée landslide 1994 Relocation of house and construction of gabion  $45,000  Department of Municipal Affairs
Chamberlains coastal erosion 1992-1993 Estimates for construction of 50 m of gabions or armour stone  $13,000 
Water Resources Division, Department of Environment