The current Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Site staff includes the following people:

Mr. Vince Walsh (Project Coordinator)
Dr. James Feehan (Academic Coordinator)
Ms. Jenny Higgins (Researcher/Writer)
Ms. Lauren Lambe (Student Assistant)

A very special thanks to Dr. Terrence Murphy, the former Dean of Arts at Memorial University, who was senior advisor to the site from the fall of 1996 to June 2001.

We would also like to offer a very special thank you to Dr. James Hiller who, with very few interruptions, was academic coordinator from the fall of 1996 until June 2013.

Along with the senior members of the Heritage Web Site the management committee for the project includes, or has included, the following individuals:

Dr. Melvin Baker (President's Office, MUN)
Dr. Trevor Bell (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Ms. Terry Bishop-Stirling (Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Peter Boswell (Dept. of Political Science, MUN)
Dr. Pat Byrne (Dept. of English, MUN)
Dr. Sean Cadigan (Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Mark Graesser (Dept. of Political Science, MUN)
Dr. James Hiller (Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Gordon Inglis (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Dr. Ralph Pastore (Dept. of History, MUN)
Ms. Joan Ritcey (Centre for Newfoundland Studies, MUN)
Dr. Lisa Rankin (Dean of Arts, MUN)
Ms. Eve Roberts L.L.B. (CRB Foundation, St. John's)
Dr. Hans Rollmann (Dept. of Religious Studies, MUN)
Dr. Ron Rompkey (J. R. Smallwood Centre, MUN)
Dr. Adrian Tanner (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Prof. Mireille Thomas (Dept. of French & Spanish, MUN)
Mr. Harvey Weir (School of Continuing Education, MUN)
Dr. Mike Wilkshire (Dept. of French & Spanish, MUN)

Former members of the Heritage Web Site staff include:

Ms. Kim Barnes (Student Assistant)
Ms. Melissa Burns (Graduate Research Assistant)
Mr. Jeff Butt (Research Assistant/Writer)
Mr. Jason Churchill (Writer/Project Manager)
Ms. Wendy Churchill (Copyright/Publications Assistant)
Mr. Keith Collier (Research Assistant)
Ms. April Crocker (Student Assistant)
Mr. Alex Dalziel (Student Assistant)
Ms. Alexandra Dent (Student Assistant)
Mr. Hong Dong (Assistant Programmer)
Ms. Robin Durnford (Research Assistant/Writer)
Ms. Lisa Dwyer (Research Assistant)
Mr. Matt Dwyer (Student Assistant/Writer)
Ms. Stephanie Flynn (Student Assistant)
Ms. Karen Follett (Student Assistant)
Ms. Kayla Freisen (Student Assistant)
Ms. Christine Gallimore (Student Assistant)
Ms. Allyson Gobi (Student Assistant)
Ms. Colette Goodyear (Copyright Assistant)
Ms. Yi Wen Guo (Student Assistant)
Ms. Jessica Habet (Student Assistant)
Ms. Alison Hajek (Consultant/Graphic Artist)
Ms. Denise Hann (Research Assistant)
Ms. Cynthia Horwood (Student Assistant)
Ms. Zhenzhen Hu (Student Assistant)
Ms. Melanie Hurley (Student Assistant)
Mr. Navjot Kalra (Student Assistant)
Ms. Ashli Kean (Graduate Research Assistant)
Mr. Monte Kearley (Research Assistant/Web Page Designer)
Ms. Lorie Keating (Research Assistant/Writer)
Ms. Una Keenan (Student Assistant)
Ms. Christine King (Student Assistant)
Mr. Ray Lambe (Programmer)
Ms. Lisa LeDrew (Copyright / Publications Assistant)
Ms. Melanie Martin (Research Assistant)
Ms. MaryKate Murphy (Student Assistant)
Ms. Jennifer O'Keefe (SWASP)
Ms. Jaime O'Leary (Student Assistant/Writer)
Mr. Paul O'Leary (Student Assistant/Web Page Designer)
Ms. Colleen O'Rourke (Student Assistant)
Ms. Jennifer Perry (MUCEP)
Ms. Liza Piper (Research Assistant/Student Supervisor)
Mr. Gerry Porter (Consultant/Graphic Artist)
Ms. Yirong Qin (Student Assistant)
Ms. Vanessa Rice (Research Assistant/Acting Coordinator)
Ms. Tina Riche (Consultant/Graphic Artist)
Ms. Heather Roberts (Student Assistant)
Ms. Tanya Saunders (Research Assistant)
Ms. Amy Sheppard (Student Assistant)
Ms. Gillian Strong (Student Assistant)
Mr. Yunpeng Sun (Student Assistant)
Ms. Kelli Sweetapple (Student Assistant)
Ms. Jurgienne Umali (Student Assistant)
Mr. Craig Welsh (Research Assistant/Writer)
Mr. Duleepa Wijayawardhana (Graphic Artist)
Ms. Moriliat Laide Yakubu (Student Assistant)
Ms. Trina Zeimbekis (Graduate Student)
Mr. Xiaochen Zhang (Student Assistant)

Consultants to special projects organized by the Heritage Web Site:

Mr. E. James Crewe (Private Curriculum Specialist, St. John's)
Ms. Maria Christina Hentosz (Industry Canada Digital Collections Program, Ottawa)
Mr. Albert Johnson (Dale-Noel Publications, St. John's)
Ms. Trudy Johnson (Dale-Noel Publications, St. John's)
Ms. Peggy Miller (Innova Multimedia, Stephenville)
Mr. Paul Pinsent (Stephenville Integrated High School, Stephenville)
Mr. Robert Stewart (Mount Pearl Junior High, Mount Pearl)
Mr. Gary Walsh (Southwest Arm Academy, Little Heart's Ease)