We would like to acknowledge the following contributors who have helped write the articles:

Mr. Peter Armitage (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Colin Banfield (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Dr. Jerry Bannister (Dept. of History, Dalhousie)
Prof. Terry Bishop-Stirling (Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Jim Black (Dean of Arts Office, MUN)
Dr. Ingrid Botting (Dept. of History, MUN)
Ms. Carol Brice-Bennett (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Ms. Pamela Bruce (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Prof. Karyn Butler (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Dr. Sean Cadigan (Dept. of History, MUN)
Mr. George Chalker (Heritage Foundation of NL, St. John's)
Ms. Wendy Churchill (Undergraduate Student, Dept. of History)
Mr. Rex Clark (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Dr. Michael Collins (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Mr. Robert Cuff (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Linda Cullum (Dept. of Sociology, MUN)
Mr. David Davis (Provincial Archives of NL, St. John's)
Dr. A.B. Dickinson (International Centre, MUN)
Mr. Matt Dwyer (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Ms. G. Elton (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Chris English (Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Danine Farquharson (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. John FitzGerald (Dept. of History, MUN)
Mr. Jamie Fitzpatrick (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Ms. Patricia Grattan (Art Gallery of NL, MUN)
Dr. Gordon Handcock (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Ms. Margaret Hawco (Elementary School Student)
Ms. Jenny Higgins (Researcher/Writer)
Dr. Philip Hiscock (Dept. of Folklore, MUN)
Mr. Robert Hong (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Doug House (Dept. of Sociology, MUN)
Mr. Mark Hunter (Graduate Student, Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Scott Jamieson (Dept. of French & Spanish, MUN)
Dr. Olaf Janzen (Division of Arts, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, MUN)
Mr. Stefan Jensen (Graduate Student, Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. John C. Kennedy (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Dr. Carolyn Lambert (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Mr. Jacob Larkin (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Mr. Nicolas Landry (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Ms. Paula Laverty (Museum of American Folk Art, New York City)
Dr. Dave Liverman (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Dr. Denyse Lynde (Dept. of English, MUN)
Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie (Dept. of Linguistics, MUN)
Dr. Joyce Macpherson (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Dr. John Mannion (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Mr. Ingeborg Marshall (Beothuk Institute, St. John's)
Ms. Lara Maynard (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Phil McCann (Professor Emeritus, MUN)
Mr. Gary McManus (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Prof. Shane O'Dea (Dept. of English, MUN)
Mr. Danny O'Dell (Undergraduate Student, Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Ms. Cynthia O'Driscoll (Graduate Student, Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Ms. Jaime O'Leary (Undergraduate Student, Dept. of English, MUN)
Ms. Liza Piper (NL Heritage Web Site Project, MUN)
Dr. Gerry Pocius (Dept. of Folklore, MUN)
Mr. Perry Pond (Graduate Student, Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Dr. Peter Pope (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Dr. Richard Rennie (Private Consultant, Winnipeg)
Mr. Bert Riggs (Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, MUN)
Dr. Ches Sanger (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Ms. Dionne Snow (Art Gallery of NL, MUN)
Ms. Carolyn Stone (Art Gallery of NL, MUN)
Dr. Adrian Tanner (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Mr. J. Garth Taylor (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Anne Thareau (Dept. of French & Spanish, MUN)
Mr. Gerald Thomas (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. James Tuck (Dept. of Anthropology, MUN)
Dr. Danny Vickers (Dept. of History, UCSD)
Dr. Jeff Webb (Dept. of History, MUN)
Dr. Carla Wheaton (Dept. of History, MUN)
Rev. Ian Wishart (Private Consultant, St. John's)
Dr. Mike Wilkshire (Dept. of French & Spanish, MUN)
Ms. Alberta Auringer Wood (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)
Dr. Clifford Wood (Dept. of Geography, MUN)
Mr. Andrew Woodland (Junior High School Student)
Dr. Miriam Wright (Dept. of History, University of Windsor)

The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Site would also like to extend special thanks to the following for their invaluable time and assistance:

Dr. Maxwell House (former Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador)
Mr. James Anstey (Arts Computing Centre, MUN)
Mr. Tom Axworthy (CRB Foundation, Montreal)
Ms. Jennifer Bates (Arts Computing Centre, MUN)
Ms. Linda Boddie (Centre for Academic Media Services, MUN)
Ms. Amanda Browne (Dean of Arts Office, MUN)
Ms. Jesse Chisholm (Association of NL Archives, St. John's)
Ms. Eleanor Butler (Office of Research, MUN)
Ms. Denise Collins (Dean of Arts Office, MUN)
Mr. Rick Collins (Centre for Academic Media Services, MUN)
Mr. Harry Connors (Newtel Communications, St. John's)
Ms. Joanne Costello (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)
Ms. Barbara Cox (Office of Research, MUN)
Dr. David Facey-Crowther (Department of History, MUN)
Mr. Dale Fraser (STEM~Net, MUN)
Ms. Edna Hall (Heritage Canada, St. John's)
Ms. Anne Hart (Centre for Newfoundland Studies, MUN)
Mr. John Hatcher (Council of the Students' Union, MUN)
Prof. Robert Hollett (Department of English, MUN)
Mr. Fred Hollinghurst (School of Continuing Education, MUN)
Mr. Robert Hyde (School of Continuing Education, MUN)
Mr. Dale Jarvis (Heritage Foundation of NL, St. John's)
Johnson Family Foundation, St. John's,
Dr. Gregory Kealey (Dean of Graduate Studies Office, MUN)
Mr. Baxter Kean (Department of Mines and Energy, St. John's)
Dr. Roy Kelleher (Faculty of Education, MUN)
Ms. Erin Keough (Open Learning Information Network, MUN)
Dr. William Kirwin (Department of English, MUN)
Ms. Anne Marceau (Parks Canada, Rocky Hr.)
Mr. Robert Marshall (St. John's Native Friendship Centre, St. John's)
Ms. Noni Mate (Excite Unit, SFU)
Ms. Anne Mathieu (Francophone Association of NL, St. John's)
Mr. Kevin McAleese (The Rooms Provincial Museum Division, St. John's)
Dr. Susan McCorquodale (Dept. of Political Science, MUN)
Ms. Barbara McDonald (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)
Ms. Roxanne Millan (Dean of Arts Office, MUN)
Ms. Elizabeth Mouland (Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's)
Mr. Ivan Muzychka (University Relations, MUN)
Mr. Brian O'Leary (Technical Services, MUN)
Ms. Janice Peach (Office of Research, MUN)
Mr. Gerald Penney (Gerald Penney Associates, St. John's)
Mr. Craig Perchard (Office of Research, MUN)
Mr. Glenn Preston (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)
Ms. Suanne Reid (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)
Ms. Joan Ritcey (Centre for Newfoundland Studies, MUN)
Ms. Linda Russell (University Relations, MUN)
Ms. Patti Ryan (Provincial Archives of NL, St. John's )
Dr. William Schipper (Department of English, MUN)
Ms. Suzanne Sexty (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)
Ms. Nancy Simmons (University Relations, MUN)
Mr. Rohan Sooklal (Computing and Communications, MUN)
Ms. Ellen St. Croix (Language Resources Centre, MUN)
Mr. Wayne Sturge (Provincial Archives of NL, St. John's)
Ms. Gayle Tapper (Computing and Communications, MUN)
Mr. Greg Thomas (CSU Copy Centre, MUN)
Ms. Frances Warren (Department of History, MUN)
Ms. Gail Weir (Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, MUN)
Ms. Birgitta Wallace (Parks Canada, Halifax)
Mr. Doug Walsh (Computing and Communications, MUN)
Mr. Stephen Walsh (CSU Copy Centre, MUN)
Ms. Mary Walsh (Dept. of Religious Studies, MUN)
Ms. Heather Wareham (Maritime History Archive, MUN)
Mr. Sam Whiffen (Council of the Students' Union, MUN)
Ms. Linda White (Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, MUN)
Ms. Patricia Williams (Industry Canada, St. John's)
Ms. Alberta Wood (Queen Elizabeth II Library, MUN)

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