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Women's History Walking Tour of
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This is a Heritage Partner Project of the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Site. Produced in partnership with the Womens History Group at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Women's History Walking Tour

The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage page invites you to join the members of the Women's History Group on their virtual Women's History Walking Tour through old St. John's ....

The text for this electronic tour was taken from the publication Women's Walk: A Women's History Walk Through Old St. John's, researched and authored by the Women's History Group at Memorial University.

The format of the original publication has been altered in one significant way. Where the written version presents the walk as one tour, the pages shown here have been divided into two tours of about one hour each. The second continues where the first tour ended, but both preserve as faithfully as possible the original layout.

The Women's History Group is solely responsible for the content of these pages.

(The following text is from the brochure. Any text in square brackets [] are clarifications which specifically pertain to the web presentation of the brochure)

Women's Walk: A Women's History
Walk Through Old St. John's

This walking tour visits the homes and workplaces of a number of St. John's women who have contributed to the history of the city and Newfoundland.

The tour is a loop, beginning and ending at Cavendish Square [separated into two tours on the web site]. It should take under two hours to walk the loop, including time to read the interpretation for each location. The map on the cover has numbers on the locations to help you find them. [This map is located on the side bar of each web page].

The Women's History Walking Tour is a result of research done in 1991 by the Johnson Family Foundation, and by members of the Women's History Group in 1997.

If you find any errors in this publication please call us at [709] 722-0283 so that we can correct them for any future editions.

Thanks to:

Status of Women Canada, Government of Canada, for funding this project

Johnson Family Foundation for the concept and for giving us the materials from their 1991 research on a women's history walk; and Roxanne Button and Corinna Dawe for the preliminary work done on a Women's Walk for the Johnson Family Foundation.

Copy edit and layout: Gloria Shalay

Members of the Women's History Group:

    Angela Drake
    Peggy Keats
    Linda Cullum
    Susan Morrison
    Maeve Baird

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