Picnic at Pearce's Forest Pond to celebrate the gaining of the Jubilee Scholarship by R. Anderson Squires, ca. 1898.
Seated in front: R. Anderson Squires, Elsie Holloway, Eva Macpherson le Sueur, Harold Tessier.
Middle Row: George Peters, Prof. Thesouin, Sally (March) Thesouin, Mrs. Stephen March, Mrs Holloway, Mrs. (Dr.) H. E. Kendall, Violette Macpherson, Flossie Ayres, Mrs. Claire (Edgar) Shirran, John Stein, Jessie Ayre, Charlie Lynne, Cyril Tessier, Will Shirran.
Top Row: Janie Snelgrove, Jean Ayre, Emma Ayre, Louise Bartlett.
Courtesy of the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL A2-151).