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Alphabetical Listing (R-S)

Red Cliffe
John Quinton Limited

Holy Apostles Church

Rigolet (Labrador)
Hudson's Bay Company Net Loft

Rose Blanche

St. Andrew's
Precious Blood Church and Bell House

St. Anthony
Grenfell House

St. George's
Arnold Morris House
St. George's Courthouse
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

St. John's
3 Park Place
28 Cochrane Street
146 Hamilton Ave.
Anderson House
Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Apothecary Hall
Bank of British North America
Bannerman House
Basilica of John the Baptist
Benevolent Irish Society
Bishop Feild College
Brother T.I. Murphy Centre
Bryn Mawr
Christ Church
Commercial Chambers Building
The Crow's Nest
Devon House
Devon Place

St. John's (cont.)
Forest House
Horwood House
"The House"
Howard House
Kelvin House
The Lea
Mallard Cottage
Martin McNamara House
Mary Jane's
Masonic Temple
The New House
Newman Wine Vaults
O'Dwyer Block
Our Lady of Mercy Convent and Chapel
Presentation Convent and School
Queens Road #32
Retreat Cottage
Rosemill Antiques
S.O. Steele
St. Andrew's Church
St. Bonaventure's College
St. Joseph's Chapel
St. Patrick's Church
St. Thomas' Church
Squires Barn and Carriage House
Temperance Street Houses
Thimble Cottage
Thompson Building
Tobin Building
Waterford Manor

Pickersgill Premises

Seal Cove
The Morgan House

Edward Humby Property
Joseph and Caroline Tilley Property

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