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Newfoundland & Labrador's Registered Heritage Structures
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Cable Staff House #1
(Heart's Content)

A dwelling with ties to one of the most important scientific accomplishments of the nineteenth century, the Cable Staff House in Heart's Content housed British staff members involved with the transatlantic telegraph cable.

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of Newfoundland and Labrador

The first transatlantic telegraph cable landed in the small community of Heart's Content in 1866 and immediately revolutionised communication. To help in the development of the telegraph cable, a station house was built in the community. The station house is now a national historic site.

In 1888 the cable company decided to build accommodations to house the British staff involved with the cable station. Ten company houses were built, eight with local labour and materials. This house is one of the eight constructed locally. It is also one of two cable homes still standing.

The cable station remained open for almost 100 years. Following its closure, the company sold the house and a number of people have owned it over the years. Currently it has been restored and is now a private dwelling.

The Cable Staff House is one of the largest and most elaborate buildings in Heart's Content. Built on the highest hill, it gives the impression of power and authority. It is a uniquely-formulated Southcott design adapted for the area. It has two chimneys and two mansard dormer windows of unusual design. Despite the age of the building, it is in remarkable condition. Few alterations have been made internally or externally.

The Cable Staff House #1 became a Registered Heritage Structure in September of 1995.

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