Working in the Woods

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In an interview with Mr. Bert Vincent, we learned about his job as "cookee" and later cook in a lumber camp in Central the important role of cook, Mr. Vincent was responsible for preparing hearty meals for up to 120 men at a time. Cooking six or seven fifteen-pound turkeys, "a sack and a half" of potatoes and 165 pieces of turnip at a time must have been quite a chore. Hear what he has to say about preparation of breakfast in the woods! You can almost smell the bacon, ham and sausage frying!

It was interesting to learn that in the spring of the year the cook followed the loggers with a portable kitchen as they moved downstream toward paper mill at Grand Falls. The "kitchen" was moved downstream in a dory by experienced river men. Listen as Mr. Vincent tells how he felt about the process of moving kitchen. With one at the bow and one at the stern, down the river they'd go.


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